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Robots vs. Knights


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Here are the teams.

Team Knight

  1. @Kapden
  2. @Dewey Newt
  3. @akalink
  4. @theshaggyfreak
  5. @GCJ
  6. @JohnStacy
  7. @Arrow
  8. @Anorax
  9. @PlanarianHugger

Team Robot

  1. @Xenonetix
  2. @Starphoenix
  3. @Yami
  4. @Ronald Poe
  5. @Gario
  6. @Thirdkoopa
  7. @Trism
  8. @Chiwalker
  9. @MegaDrive

I need EVERYONE to check in to make sure they're ready to compete starting sometime next week.

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I've set up text and voice channels for each team on the official OCR Discord server. The text and voice channel collectively form your team's clubhouse. Once you join the server, go to the #compos channel and let me know what team you're on and I'll give you the appropriate permissions to access your clubhouse. The clubhouse is where your team will discuss strategies, share WIPs and feedback, and generally just hang out/talk. These clubhouses are closed to the general public, but they will be opened and made read-only at the end of the competition.

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Thought it was going to be robot masters from the Game Boy games?  Enker's theme from MM10 is quite a bit different, and Punk's and Ballade's are completely different past the intros.  (The MM10 ones are better IMO, though.)

I guess whoever chooses Wandering Travelers is just representing the whole mob of them, and not a knight per se?

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