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April Fool's Gold


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I literally was about to post this topic "(OC Remix Home Page Error) Red Russian Language". Then I decided "Well, hmm, it might be helpful if people knew what it said."

And that's when the glory of the best joke of 2018 fully hit me xD.


Kudos *golf claps*.

"Сначала мы взяли ваши выборы, теперь мы пришли за вашими ремиксы видео игр."


"First we took your election, now we came for your remixes of video games." :nicework: :nicework: :nicework:


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I can neither confirm nor deny that our recent website issues were the result of foreign interference ;)

3 hours ago, Esperado said:

Wow this one totally got me! Kudos to whomever thought of this

Most credit goes to @José the Bronx Rican, secondary credit to Google Translate & my wife for some minor edits :)

@Mazedude Just so you know, everything's okay!

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11 hours ago, Crulex said:

I was looking forward to what would happen this year, so when I saw the homepage and saw a bunch of Russian along with "Sonic", I was laughing before I even made it to Google Translate. Well played, guys.

:D Yes. I actually came to the site specifically to see if another &Knuckles album had been published. Kind of bummed there wasn't one like it, but this was really funny too.

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