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Bad idea. Mod-chip + Wii System Update = KA-BOOM!!!

Maybe not "ka-boom" but.... I have some experience modding things, as I can't keep my nose out of perfectly working peices of hardware. But I helped my friend with a mod about a month ago. I don't remember specifically what he used on the Wii, but he just called me and said he now has a brick with a disc slot. So, I think the PS2 generation was pretty much our last iteration of easily modded consoles. Internet able consoles are a blessing and a curse.

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Rumor has it that Okami is coming out for the Wii early 2008.

I hope it's true, because I missed out on this title, and I heard it was so good.



Yeah... I would not trust that website. The title of the article says Okami is confirmed, but then it says its a rumor from capcom...

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Any word on being able to play roms on the Wii's emulators? I want to be able to play the hacks of the games I've bought -- even the ability to .ips patch games I've paid for on the VC would be extremely useful.

No one has been able to hack the Virtual Console.

With a modchip, homebrew emulators for cube (such as sms, nes, snes, genesis, tg16, neo geo cd, game boy) run on the wii.

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Anybody else picking up Zack & Wiki tomorrow? 40 dollars for a new game is awesome. And the game looks awesome too. Love puzzle/point and click games.

I'm gonna get PW and ZW tomorrow. I still need to beat MP3 too...

freaking tf2.

Zack and Wiki is out tomorrow?


May have to wait a month or two on it now. :( Aww, to hell with it, think I'll buy it now and suffer the consequences later.

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