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I'm in no way saying the graphics are perfect. They are far from it, but as Azul said, lets hold our judgement untill we see the game in motion.

That would be the best thing to do. This reminds me of how people acted when there were early screen shots of ToS2. People freaked out at the "horrible quality". A day later, higher quality screen shots came out and everyone was like "ohok daz coo".

Judging a game's graphics by simple screen shots isn't exactly the best thing to do when you haven't seen a demo of the game in motion.

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So hey nintendo wants to start chargin via Pay-to-Play...



I'd better start seeing some boards up or something damn it...

edit: also awesome vid donuts :)!!

If it'll make their online service any better, then I'm all for this. I doubt the payment will be anything significant.

If not, then Nintendo has hit a new low. The only reason their current service is even close to being forgivable is because it's free.

EDIT: Then again the chances for voice chat are basically zero, and since this only applies to certain games we know there's never gonna be a centralized online service. So there's not a whole lot they can add to make the cost justifiable.

Well I hope it's only for very few games.

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