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Woah! Hey that was...! OH SHIT THATS...!

This game is going to be so disgustingly epic, it makes me fall to my knees and weep.

It is/will be so epic, I'm going to openly hate on it for comedic effect whenever I see a group of people (which there will be a LOT of near where I live) and say what a piece of shit SSBB is. That sounds funny already.

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Look at it! LOOK AT IT!


On a completely unrelated note:

Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior -- Super Metroid


Opening / Menu

(Metroid Prime) -- Metroid Prime


Sector 1 -- Metroid Fusion

:shock: That had better be the song that I think it is...!

Main Theme (Star Fox) -- Star Fox


Wow, all those are all menu/cutscene songs... I must REALLY like menu songs. I learn something new about myself every day...

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Cool, nice movie.

Oh and I'm very interested in this rumour. The interview at the bottom of the page looks real to me.


So far I've seen a LOT of predictions, but none included an AC character.

Guess we can put most of these fake character lists in the garbage can now.

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Ashley's Song WarioWare: Touched! Arrangement: Tomoko Sasaki

Ashley's Song (JP) Sawaru Meido in Wario Arrangement: Tomoko Sasaki

Mona Pizza's Song WarioWare: Twisted! Arrangement Supervisor: Takahiro Nishi

Mona Pizza's Song (JP) Mawaru Meido in Wario Arrangement Supervisor: Takahiro Nishi

We better all be getting both versions of those songs. I hate it when companies arbitrarily decide we're too stupid to realize there are other languages in the world.

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Spoiler text below:

I am tired of seeing returning cast. I hope there are more people joining than just people from melee. I want to see NEW CHARACTERS, not melee cast :(

No one is excited to see the whole Melee cast returning, just their favorite characters - personally, I wish they'd confirm Mewtwo and Captain Falcon and Marth (concretely) because I love playing as those guys.

(Note: I just read Arek's spoiler post now, so awesome.)

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It would be awesome if they got rid of everybody boring and brought in an equal amount of new faces.

But I think it would be more awesome if they kept all of the old ones and brought in all the new faces anyway. I don't care if the character selection screen is crammed.

Oh, and hey, Dr. Mario is coming back.

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