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How did you spend NYE

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A few friends came over; we played Twister and Rape Me (a wrestling game; the goal is to pin your opponent's pelvis down XD )

One of my friends is into new age stuff, so there were tarot readings all round; she also insisted on giving me fashion advice and painting my fingernails... =/

Played a few games; bit of SSBM & FZero GX.

Great fun, especially considering I usually sit at home on my pc, at OCR or something. =P

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I went to a party that some people my friend works with. Then my buddy got partied a lil too much, so I spent the rest of the night watching over him before it was cool.

There were some cool people there though, and I got plenty to stuff to make fun of my friend for now...whahaha

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Went to my supervisor's mother's house for New Year's eve. Spent the night watching NHK New Year special where they just play tons of music from various singers in Japan. Then we went to bed cause we were tired. Oh yeah, and had lots of sashimi, sushi, and nabe. Yummy :D.

And on New Year's day we went to a couple shrines and explored his hometown. Very nice day too. I think it was around 8-10 degrees outside, and lots of sun. It felt like spring to me!

Heading back to Canada in a couple days now... kind of surreal to be honest. It was definately a new way to spend New Year's for me though!

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