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Changing thread titles in vBulletin?

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If the last thread was deleted because a mod thought it had to do with the removal of Unmod, then you were sadly mistaken.

I need to know how to change thread titles, because I can't seem to find the proper tool to do so, or can it not be done in VB?

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It was probably deleted because the place for this is the vBulletin discussion thread in GenDisc. In there, djp said he knows its an issue, but they're still working on trying to get the permissions set up correctly.

Ah...I wasn't aware of this. Thanks for letting me know.

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You can't anymore. Once the switch to the new forums was done, we lost the ability to edit our own thread titles.

You have to ask a mod to do it for you. And frankly, unless you're running something big or that needs constant updating (like a remix project or a site project), they aren't likely to get around to doing it.

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