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Art fun: Who has Kirby been eating?

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Wow, this is some fantastic artwork! And even for those of us artistically challenged folk, I am at least laughing at the ideas. Sometimes poor execution makes it even more funny, actually.

I hope this thread lasts a long, long time. XD

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A lot of this is really great work. I might even have to come up with a few of my own now.

... Of course, my inability to draw might be an issue here...

Uhhhh... Why would you say that? This is a harmless thread, with harmless contents. It's not going anywhere.

After one of the mods eliminated the Writer's Thread soon after the UnMod deletion (intentionally or not, we don't know)... well, some of us are a little wary. :(


Never forget! (Or forget and move on... whichever.) :rolleyes:

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EDIT: to someone with actual art skills,

make a transparent kirby with a monkey running inside of it.


Sleeping inside... whatever. I'll maybe add one of those sleeping mucous-bubbles I've seen on Yoshi and in anime a few times. It's the baby monkey, but it looks like he's wearing a helmet, and the pacifier just looks like an open mouth.... oh well.

I was going to do a Crono one, but beaten till the punch. I'm actually glad, 'cause mine would'a sucked.

Anyways, anyone think they could teach me coloring? I'd rather that then someone doing it themselves, but, whatever. Whoever wants to do either can go ahead.

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