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Art fun: Who has Kirby been eating?

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So most of us have seen Kirby take on many cute little forms as he consumes his opposition. But what might he look like if he expanded his diet to movies, television, celebrities and just about anyone else you can think of?

My own sketch-to-photoshop pipeline is flawed at best, but here are a few ideas to kick us off:




and my personal favorite:


I started a similar thread at SomethingAwful, so I'll share any good results they come up with here as well. Have fun, artists.

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No doubt about that. OMG! Welcome to the Black Parade is on!!!

Oh my fucking god, you like My Chemical Romance to boot? Jesus Christ, you could not be more annoying.

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Shut the hell up.

Agreed. And he asked why no one in UnMod liked him... Jesus.

Sephfire, keep them coming.

Wait... don't you have a pokemon remix to do?:confused:

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