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Art fun: Who has Kirby been eating?


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EPIC.... pwange... zomg... make a Metriod Kirby lol...... LOL! And someone should do a Kratos one as well. LOLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111!!!!!111!!!!ONE elevenenenenensozorosososorosororofl :D

Both Kratos', preferably (God of War and the lesser-known-but-original Tales of Symphonia one. Yes I know the name comes from Greek mythology).

A Metroiby would be amazing.

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I wil now post something of my own creation. It is not because I am good with paint. It is not because it is an awesome idea. it is because I feel like contributing to this thread in a way other than DA links. ........and I felt like giving it a shot to see how I do; meh.



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