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Spore to have Procedural Sound track.


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Spore's soundtrack is also going to be procedural.

In a very interesting WMMNA article detailing one of Eno's recent lectures, it is noted that Will Wright and co. "wanted sound that is just as procedural as the game itself," preferring to avoid any looping tunes that change with each level. Eno is already working on a program called "The Shuffer," which will use sampled bits and pieces to craft Spore's soundtrack, without ever creating "the same composition twice within a lifetime."

Not that I need any more reason for getting this game, but this is a pretty sweet feature and I hope future games can use this to remove the infectiousness many soundtracks get.

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Does this mean there won't be a Spore "theme" to get stuck in your head? :[

One Maxis game who's soundtrack still lingers in my mind to this day is the original The Sims. Man, those easylistening tunes from the Buy mode and especially the piano only Build mode tunes really got me in a creative mood.

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