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OCR01558 - Super Mario World "Monstrous Turtles!"


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Damn flawless coming out of my speakers, very good work.

Personally, I don't think a real guitar would've worked in such an electronic environment, and would have to be extremely well mixed for you to pull it off. It seems live instruments like the electric guitar stick out like a sore thumb unless the intonation and performance is perfect. Still, there's plenty of guitarists you can ask for help, however, this mix is just plain solid as it stands. And it's not like you used FL Slayer haha.

Good luck sequencing/recording the 3rd album.

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Incredible stuff. I almost know that anything zircon does is gold. This did not fail to deliver.

To be honest, I generally dislike Mario remixes. The music is good in and of itself, in a light and airy way, but this takes one of the more sinister themes, and kicks it up about ten notches. Great synths, but even the guitars are well placed. It almost sounds like a Castlevania remix when the organs kick in. For me, that's a GOOD thing. Kind of ironic, then, that the last Castlevania mix is of DDR proportions.

But I digress. Keep up the great work. This is my only source of VG Remixes until the next DOD, which isn't for another 3 weeks, so quality releases like this really help pass the time, and keep workplace-music boredom from setting in. :)

Sarge out.

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Excellently done as always, z.

The mix keeps true to the source tune while adding a very original creative spin on it. Many genres thrown into a cauldron is exactly how OCRs need to be. The drum kit used is your basic Kanye/NAS kinda kit which needs to come back and keep in competition with some of the crunk and snap beats of today. As for the metalic and creepy Tim Burton feel to the mix, excellently done. Great use of ambient textures and pads.

This is what OC Remix is all about. 10/10


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It's hard to say what I like more about this song. Is it the creep factor of the intro combined to the broken drums and staccato choirs? Or when the beat and strings come up?

No, I think it's at 1:05 and 1:14, when the electric guitar first comes in to deliver some awesome, and then the organ bursts into the place carrying more musical badassry in its bicep's triceps than Blood Bath and Fire Cross combined.

The forest of illusions bit after is creepy and nice, too, but after that part, it's a bit like Freddy coming into your house with a machete after Chuck Norris and Rambo went apeshit at the furniture.

Either way, this is made of awesome and win. I'd put 10/10, but 10 is an entirely too small number. More like 10^10/10. Hell, /1, because I don't feel like dividing the score.

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Love this tune. I used to record the original on my little bros tape recorder and listen to it non stop (when I used to rent SNES back in the day). And now zircon has turned it into something even better.

I look at this song as an example of something to strive for in my own music. Maybe not in a "music style" way but definitely in regards to production. Everything just sounds so clear and crisp in this mix, which is something I am having trouble achieving.

Thanks for the great song


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It's not just that the song is good that makes it good. Don't even think of having a slight negative attitude towards your positive responds. Usually, the author can't hear the brilliance of his own creation because he knows what and how he did whatever it may be. You are truly a magnificent musician. I don't even know how to say the words powerfully enough. The music you created speaks for itself in its "power". Just stunning

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As said by many now, this mix owns face. One interesting note, the very beginning reminds me of rayman 2 every time. The opening echo sounds just like samples from that game. Of course after that it goes straight into mario-y goodness, but i thought i'd say so. Great stuff! It blends really well, and just overall sounds great.

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Really nice mix. Just a few opinions:

.50-.56 was over the top

The organ would have been awesome if it had a deeper tone... sounded a bit screechy.

You're obviously very well versed in remixes, but you stick to the original very tightly. I think if you went out on a limb and attempted to not just rock the song out, but to put your own melodic twists and turns with original compositions it would set these quality remixes far apart from all others, Allthough I will admit it was really nice to hear the original song pimped out... just my two cents though.

Very nice job!

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Stuck to the original tightly...? That's one criticism I don't think I can quite accept. Here's the breakdown of what I did.

0:00 to 0:19 - Same chord progression as the original, with new harmonic and rhythmic material

0:19 to 0:37 - Same melody + progression, but again with new harmonic and rhythmic material.

0:38 to 0:46 - New bridge section using the chords of the original as a base.

0:47 to 0:55 - Significant variation on the melody from the original.

0:57 to 1:23 - Same basic chords and melody as the original, but new and varied harmony, lots of new parts and rhythms.

1:24 to 1:44 - Significant harmonic expansion of the original melody

1:44 to 1:53 - Short bridge using the original melody w/ my own harmonies.

1:54 to 2:01 - Forest theme quote re-written to match part of the chords from the Castle theme.

2:01 to 2:31 - Completely original. Vague similarities in the chord progression.

2:31 to 2:49 - More fun with the forest theme (which in and of itself, again, was varied) on top of the expanded chord progression + harmonies from Castle.

2:50 to 3:28 - Beefed up version of 1:24 to 1:44, basically.

3:28 to end - Original ending.

Also, considering the source tune is not even half the length of this remix, repeats more often than mine does, and is structured differently... I don't see how I could have really stuck closely to it. I do appreciate the feedback but I don't think the level of arrangement is a matter of opinion in this case...

I do agree about the organ. It's hard to mix organ in when you have so much stuff coming on. If I knew how to use multiband compression better I probably could have allowed more room for its lows and low-mids to breathe.

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This is the way I always wanted to hear this song done.

I especially like the little string stabs in the earlier sections, and the bell/chime section is really delicate and reminiscent of the dreamy quality the original has, which is great when the big blasty comes in right after to make it all come crashing down.

Anyhoo, without putting too much thought into this review:

Great stuff. Don't get a big head, zirc.

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This is a really awesome remix. The SMW castle theme is one of my favorite vg songs of all time. I made a remix of it, but I just can't fin it on my PC.

0:10 - Cool techno 80s sounding music comes in.

0:20 - The actual theme comes in, still sounding really good, no problems.

0:35 - Realistic sounding drums breaks away from the techno atmosphere.

0:45 - The theme comes back with alterations.

1:08 - Woah! Now we hear electric guitars.

1:17 - A Really cool but demented sounding church organ comes in.

1:28 - Back to techno.

1:45 - Breakdown!

1:55 - Forest of Illusion theme comes in

2:06 - Back to the beginning

2:20 - Now we hear piano.

2:30 - Back into FOI.

2:45 - Drums are back

3:29 - Second breakdown, ecept this one ends the song with thunder sounds.

All in all, a great remix 9/10

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Fantastic job on this, Zircon. My only "complaint" (notice the quotes) is that my favorite part (starting around 1:24) only plays once -- it kinda comes back later, but in a different style, which is also awesome. That being said, if it happened more than once or twice, it'd probably lose its effect, so that complaint... uh... isn't so much a complaint, hehe.

It's just great overall, and easily one of my top 5 favorite remixes.

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