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OCR01562 - Chaos Legion "The Souls of Chaos"


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I own this soundtrack. Awesome, awesome music, although I can definitely see why there haven't been more remixes of it, from both an obscurity and accessibility viewpoint. Definitely worth checking out.

In order to make this post contain more content than just soundtrack pimpage, this remix is pretty sweet too. That might be because I like the sources so much, though, but groove bias, c'mon.

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Awesome stuff Roe. It does what every high energy Electronic mix should do... make you wanna friggin kill vampires all hardcore violent like. Which this accomplishes in spades. The strings really give it a good Rob Dougan-ish feel.

JTown Seal of Slaming-a-vampire-face-to-the-floor-by-his-stupid-mouth Excellence.

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At 0:12, I think the transition from the intro to the mix itself seemed a little too "On the Fence". I thought it needed to either be much more suttle, or a lot less suttle.

I loved the 1:09-1:30, absolutely brilliant.

Transfer at 1:49, same problem as the transfer at 0:12, except in reverse.

Personally I think you should make both transfers less suttle, perhaps prepare the transfer a little earlier, and have it last a bit longer.

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Hard hitting stuff with some good chord changes, and some slick synth riffage, this is a really nice mix; both suspenseful and dramatic, but driving and aggressive.

The kick seemed a little high pitched, but it was punchy and solid, so it works for me. Otherwise this features some nice transitions, and a great string backing.

I especially liked the breakdown section, great buildup there leading to a tasteful synth solo. A very solid mix, though the ending is just a bit abrupt.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01562 - Chaos Legion "The Souls of Chaos"

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