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MEETUP: Video Games Live, Washington, DC (6/29-6/30)

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When/where is the concert?

Fri, June 29th, 2007 Washington, DC Kennedy Center at 8:00 PM, featuring the National Symphony Orchestra. There IS a concert on Saturday, but there it is not part of our meetup. Those who are going are choosing to do so on their own.

How much is it?

Doesn't matter. Tickets are sold out for both shows now. Those who have tickets are on board, and those who don't are out of luck.

So where are we sitting?

View the seating chart in this post. We're going to be close to the area I've boxed in red.

Who else is going?

See list below

What's on the agenda/itinerary other than the concert?

This is what the group is going to be doing.


FIRST MEETING POINT -12:00 pm - Meet up at Washington Monument (see map). IMPORTANT There is a slight change in plans. DJP informed me that Tommy Tallarico has invited us to hang out at the center after their rehearsal, which will be going on from 11am - 1pm. So. AFTER WE MEET AT THE MONUMENT, WE WILL PROBABLY BE HEADING DIRECTLY TO THE KENNEDY CENTER Yes, this inhibits us from being able to spend a lot, or possibly any time sightseeing and touring the city, but personally, the monuments aren't going anywhere. I'd much rather spend time with Tommy and the performers, etc. Now then. Dinner is still pretty well scheduled for the same, and for all intents and purposes, will still be considered the second meeting point. Those who plan on arriving late and meeting there should PM me though, in case that changes. I'll give you necessary contact info, so you can stay in the loop.

SECOND MEETING POINT (for latecomers)-5:00 pm - Dinner at Bertucci's. I estimate to be done with dinner by 6:30 at the latest.

-6:30 pm - travel to the Kennedy Center, which fortunately is very close to the monuments to begin with. We should get there plenty early.

-8:00 pm - Concert. Our b0x0rs will be r0x0red. DJP's rough estimate of concert etc is an hour and a half.

-10:00 pm (or whenever the concert is over) All I can officially (and finally) say, is we need to be flexible. Depending on the circumstances we need to be prepared to roll in any direction. So let's try to remain flexible.


Saturday, there's a change as well. I'm going to leave the original plan listed below in italics, but here's the new update. I still think it's a cool idea to have the shindig at the park, but it's probably going to be more of a "let's see how everyone feels" sort of thing. Since we'll be missing touring around the city, some people may want to do that. I suppose we'll just take a consensus the night before, or the morning of. If we DO in fact go to Burke Lake, then here are the original plans.

-Early (8am - 9am or so)- wake up, breakfast, get ready, etc. By 10 am or so, everyone should just about be ready so we can travel to the park

-11:00 am - Arrive at Burke Lake park (click here for specs) for food, fun, games, frisbee, maybe swimming, boat rentals, etc. We'll probably chill there until around 4:00 pm or so. If we pull this off, then those who attend and plan on eating should plan on being willing and able to contribute a few dollars (probably $5 - 10) to cover the cost of food, parking, and any other expenses the group will incur. We'll make sure to keep it even, and if any is left over, we'll distribute it back. But this keeps things fair, and prevents one person from getting screwed with the *big* bill.

FINAL This is the end of the official itinerary. After the park, or perhaps I should say Saturday afternoon, there is no official plan. People who need to leave are welcome to leave. People who want to stay are welcome to stay. Some people will be attending the Saturday concert. Some will not. I (BGC) am personally staying until Sunday morning. For those who are doing the same, I'm sure we'll think of something fun to do in the meanwhile. I just want to make it clear that there is no OFFICIAL plan for the collective group after Saturday afternoon.


I live far away. Travel is expensive. Do I have to pay for a hotel stay, too?

Jose and Bahamut were good enough to grab a hotel room and I believe they are sharing with Darkesword, Kroze, and Q-Pa. If anyone decides to come last minute, you are responsible for finding your own lodging.

I won't be attending VGL. Can I still come hang out?

Absolutely. You are more than welcome to come to just the meetup. The reverse holds true, also. If you can catch VGL, but perhaps can't swing the extra time for the meetup, we won't hold it against you. We're happy to have any and everyone who can be there attend, no matter how briefly.

What if I bought a ticket with the group, but then I can't go?

If worse comes to worse, we'll be happy to scalp the tickets for the show. You might take a bit of a loss, but we'll do everything we can to get you reimbursed.

Why not go to the Saturday concert as well/instead?

Planning one night has been enough (unofficial) responsibility for BGC. :) Plus, it was a money thang for most folks.

I'm not sure I have reliable transportation. What do I do?

Unfortunately, there are a few people in this situation. All I can say is, hopefully, you'll figure out something. We sincerely hope you'll find a way to attend.

What about getting around DC itself?

At this point, I belive we should have enough cars to transport everyone. Let's remain optimistic.

DEFINITE ATTENDANTS (tickets purchased)

First 25

Bahamut + friend [2]

BGC + wife [2]

Darkesword [1]

DJP [5]

DJSammyG [1]

DragonAvenger (with brother) [2]

Escariot (with girlfriend) [2]

Geoffrey Taucer [1]

Jose the Bronx rican [1]

Kroze [1]

Liontamer [2]

Moguta [1]

Pixietricks [1]

RealFolkBlues [1]

The Pezman [1]

The Wingless [in spirit only - we'll miss the physical presence of your sexy man bod]

Zircon [1]

26 - 27

RealFolkBlues' Friend [1]

Q-Pa [1]

POSSIBLY DROPPING BY (in or near the area)

Dr. Rod


Seating chart:


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Absolutely. I'll be talking w/ Tommy. We could potentially do meetups on both dates, depending on which people can make it when.

Oh, a double date... with DJP? Enticing news indeed! I'll have to go check, but it's in the middle of my summer vacation, so chances are definitely increased.

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Obviously, I'm there. Both dates. I mentioned on the VGL thread at GamingForce Audio that I was really disappointed to miss the New Haven, CT show in my hometown, but with VGL in my backyard, there's no way I won't be there.

Is there any plan to block order tickets or should we just get what we can?

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shit, andy. i'm sure we can work up some sort of birfday magic between the rest of us. :)

i'm happy to hear this discussion rolling, and i'll also update the 1st thread to provide reference to all the possible OCR attendees. I'm all for the block buy, and the sale price seems to be a good enough perk to validate this.

this is a 7 hour drive for me, folks, and going by the meetup we just had in baltimore, the drive was totally worth it. even for a 36-ish hour stay. so if you're a state or two away, don't let that stop you :) i would hope and expect that at least most of the people who made it to bmore would plan on going :)

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We need people to confirm their attendance. If we get 20 or more people together for either date, we can gets seats in the same general area together with some OCR shirts and also go for a group di$count. I can put myself down for 2 people for both dates.

All I know is that if we can't get enough people locked in by Sunday night, I'm snagging my tix ASAP. I don't wanna lose out.

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Count me in, folks. Hey Tauce, you want to ride together?

Also, my grandparents live in Rockville (which is one of the many suburbs of DC,) so I'm thinking perhaps me and two or three others could save on a hotel. I can think of a couple people who might go with me (primarily the same friends I brought to MAGFest this year,) so priority would probably go to them, but if they can't go or something, I'm sure my grandparents would be okay with hosting a few well-behaved nerds for a weekend.

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there needs to me more enthusiasm about this :-\

c'mon people, the early buyers get the better seats

and yeah, we need to figure out who's doing the actual "buying" b/c we need to make sure we get them money BEFORE they buy the tickets. it's the only fair/right way to do this. any volunteers?

preferrably someone who can just take money via paypal is my vote.

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I'm talking with a couple people about the actual logistics of this group purchase. If no one else has opted, I'm going to set up a paypal account, and then we're going to set a deadline for the very very near future to collect money for the tickets.

Hopefully this will be within the next couple weeks at the very latest. So be ready to pay sooner than later. At least, if you want to sit with the rest of the meetup folks. 8)

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Mark me down as a 50% chance... I'll have to check vacation, work, and wedding dates... Then I have to check my bank account... But I'm at a solid 50% right now


If we can take your car, sure. I'm not comming back to NC from VGL, but continuing up to PA (hopefully) with SammyG.

SO anyway, shouldn't we hurry up and buy tickets before they all sell out?

How far up into PA?

EDIT 2: How much are we talking about for each ticket at the group price?

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