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Beatdrop earns spot on Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2


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You heard it, folks. Our very own Beatdrop will be on the next DDR title from Konami, with his song "Until Forever". He did this through a Broadjam contest and snagged $1,000 in the process... as well as some extra attention from Konami for future work, I'm sure!!! Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS and major props to him and y'all DDR players can look forward to hearing some goodness from our favorite industrial remixer/former judge. Movin' on up! :)

PS. Check the song out on Beatdrop's new album "In the Dark", available here:


How awesome!

Congrats Beatdrop!! I'll definatly give your song a go once I can get healed and back to dancing!!

That's funny cause I kinda thought DDR was dead (or that it was on its last leg at least). None of the malls around here have one in their arcades anymore; there were quite a few up until about 2 or 3 years ago.

Really? Its in' date=' like, every arcade around here including movie theaters

The most fun I had in public was going to see Snakes on a Plane in random cosplay.

I was Spike Speigel and my two friends were 1930s Leon and Claire from Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica.

Alex (Leon) and I decided to go a few rounds on DDR in our nice suit cosplay. We got very funny looks.

This is especially awesome news and the song in question, "Until Forever", is flippin' amazing.

I'm sure by now plenty of folks have gone and downloaded Beatdrop's albums, especially given the fact that kook has made them audible for free! Sucker!

:shock: URL?

Wouldn't it be weird if someone ReMixed "Until Forever" as a submission to OCR?

haha well its completly doable isnt it?!

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Really? Its in, like, every arcade around here including movie theaters

that doesnt mean it isnt dead

dead would mean that they over time release versions over lower and lower quality

basically they had better make supernova 2 really really good and not the utter garbage that supernova was to save it

otherwise extreme will only be the version anyone ever wants

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Wouldn't it be weird if someone ReMixed "Until Forever" as a submission to OCR?

wouldnt work, unfortunately

commercial songs that happened to be used in game soundtracks are not valid ReMix material. The music has to have been composed for the game, not simply used within it.
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Amazing stuff!

Beatdrop was the first remixer I ever listened to and is still one of my favourites, I'm gonna have to go hunt down the game now just to try dance to it. From the sounds of the song, it'll be one of the more difficult ones. =D

Be great to see more games using your music, could easily picture some of it in these futuristic RTS games or some FPS ones.

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I really appreciate the overwhelming support, guys and gals. I've already begun working on material for my next album. I'm hoping to collaborate a bit more this time around and work in some more of the lyrics I've been writing, since I didn't get to as originally planned with In The Dark. But you can't force something like that, so it was for the best. Anyway, thanks again.

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