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Beatdrop earns spot on Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2


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Freakin'. Sweet!

I can't wait to show all my local buddies your track, they'll go apeshiz!

I'm sure this will only open new doors for your musical career. Just don't forget about us small folk when you're riding in your Konami stretch limo.


If you ever need some more vocals/lyrics I know a little mouse who's been practicing hard. ;)

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Who's representing us out in the real world?

1.) Beatdrop (DDR Supernova 2)

2.) Pixietricks (Civ4 expansion)

3.) ???

4.) Profit?

(No, really, who?)

Seriously, OCR is going to become a factory for music masters of the gaming industry.

wingless works for midway

im too dumb to think of a fourth even though i know i'll get real angry that i forgot whoever it was once someone mentions it

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