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Peanuts manga mode!

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Ok, now that Dhsu has posted, I can finally say what I wanted to without being branded a troll.

*ps-thank you very much dhsu*

I just don't find any reason why this should exist. It is a butchery to a classic.

Doing this to modern day classics like Dexter's Laboratory or Power Puff Girls is fine, but not this. This is an American CLASSIC. Doing this does not do Peanut's or Schulz any sort of justice.

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and, at the bat of an eye

my childhood died

seriously though, I'm not a huge fan... keeping an open mind, but I think everything from the style, to the attitude expressed, just rips away everything that makes Charlie Brown what it is

in other words, shallow but interesting experiment I guess

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I think it's fun to re-interpret characters through another artistic lens. It's not like the artist had any real intent with this, I'm sure. It's like how people here are constantly redrawing the Nice Work Guy. It's not an insult to him, it's just a re-envisioning.

Humor was the artist's muse.

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The work is reasonably talented, and the reimaginings are interesting, in some cases (Charlie Brown looks pretty good. Most of the females are pretty generic, though).

That being said, no, there's no reason for this to exist. But as this is the Internet, I'm just glad they left the tentacles out of it.

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I honestly have no problem having classics redone with newer artistic styles as long as the artist is competent enough. This artist isn't that. The idea is kinda interesting but the style he choose is really off/bad for peanuts. For one they are too old. Two their faces are really bad. I'm sure someone else can do this idea better, so no this isn't awesome :P

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This is horrible.

What an insult to Charles M. Schulz.

No kidding. The comic strip is attractive in it's down to Earth style without the smoke and lights. In it's creation, the way Schulz sees life itself, it's very simple and unique, not shocking and "in-yo-face". That's like saying to Schulz "This is why Disney never hired you."

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