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MP3 players.which do you use? and why?

prophetik music

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well? i'm looking into dropping several hundred dollars on a new, large mp3 player, so what do you all think?

i primarily want it for listening to music - so, super big screens don't really appeal to me. i also need in excess of 37 gigabytes. i'm also sick of paying a lot for an mp3 player that breaks soon after a get it - so it's gotta be durable.

you should also say what software runs it.

anyone got any ideas?

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I find myself relying on Insignia's products

For me I personally use the sports variety of mp3 players they have


This version is able to play videos but, like you, I have no plans to watch videos and it was just $125 for 4GB. Carries for me a nice small collection of my stuff to listen to during the day.

There's another version without video play back but with the 4GB of space


I've beaten the shit out of it, dropped it on concrete, and besides the scuffing and occasional scratch it still plays just like the day I bought it.

Best buy carries it to my knowledge, considering thats where I got it.

I usually just chuck the software, but this one utilizes rhapsody for management of music files for putting it in the mp3player. More or less useful as it didn't fuck up my organization unlike the time I tried itunes....


Edit: I just realized in a few hours, I misread your post; read it saying you didn't need in excess something like 37GB of space :lol:

If you want an mp3 player that has alot of space, go for the iPod Classic --> http://www.mp3.com/apple-ipod-classic-160gb/hardware/258/summary.html It supposedly holds about 200GB of music.

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Naysay against the Apple omnilith. Now that that is done. Ipods are expensive, but quality products. Always go larger than what you think you need. 40 gig? Sounds about right. But how on earth did you fill 37 gigs?

My audio folder is 38GB exactly. All the OCR's, game soundtracks and remix projects, anime OST's, personal mixes, popular music that I've ripped from CD's... it adds up eventually.

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Creative Zen Vision:M 60 GB. I've got mine for 1.5 years, and the worst thing that ever happened was having to do a soft reset.

Second vote for the Creative Zen Vision:M. I have the 30GB version, but it's the same interface, only less memory. Order it through Amazon.com and you'll probably be able to get it for $25-$50 less than the regular MRSP.

Anyway, the Zen Vision:M's interface takes a little bit to get used to, but after maybe 2-3 days of playing around with it, it gets intuitive. Plus you have extra playlist features, an FM tuner (and ability to record from radio), video playback (WMV only though), and a microphone.

Durability-wise, I've had no problems with mine so far. You might also want to get some $5 skins for it to keep it scratch-proof (http://www.bestskinsever.com/servlet/StoreFront). KF

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I bought a Zen Stone Plus 2GB to replace my old MuVo TX FM (which survived for two years before the USB connection flaked out) this summer, looking for durability, cost effectiveness ($50), and a player that was a Mass Storage Class device (meaning I could put music on it by drag and drop, without having to use proprietary or third party software).

By all accounts the Stone is a tough player to break unintentionally, and I am not disappointed with the interface (as it is very similar to my MuVo) or the output. The size is nowhere near 30GB, but I quite honestly don't need to have that much music on me at one time.

I found the anythingbutipod.com website to be particularly useful in finding a replacement player; specifically the user input that can be found in the forums.

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I've had 2 ipods. A 3rd generation (i think?) 15 gig and a 30 gig Ipod video. My first one broke and wouldn't charge anymore so i ordered one of those replacement batteries off ebay, and that worked for a couple months but then it died again. The ipod video is really nice, it doesn't do much other than play music and videos but that's all i need it to do. I've thought about getting a zune before my i already have an ipod and at the end of the day they both just play music. The ipod might not be anything flashy but it gets the job done. (at least until it dies and apple wants to charge you 300 bucks for a new battery)

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I'm on my first, and it's total crap. You think I could have -some- quality for 75 bucks. It's an ilo, two gigs. Barely enough to hold one freakin' work day of music.
2 gigs not enough for a workday's worth of music? I've got an iRiver iFP-899, which is only one gig, and I can squeeze upwards of 280 songs on it. I currently have 283 songs (19h:52m), which I think would be more than enough for a workday. I just swap out songs as I get tired of them, so I constantly have a fresh playlist. (I convert everything to q3 or q4 OGG Vorbis, which doesn't sound all that bad for the filesize.)

As for why I use the iFP: Well, the OGG support, for one. Plus, it's got an FM tuner/recorder, a decent built-in microphone, and a line-in/external mic input. It's damn useful for instances where lugging around recording equipment isn't an option. The pre-programed eq. presets, and the ability to set your own is a pretty neat option as well.


The battery's in the process of dying, though, so I'll need to crack it open and perform battery-replacement surgery before too long.

Another reason why I like my iRiver: it runs on a standard AA battery. I'm using an old, modified Kodak battery pack and charger, and I get a good weeks worth of use on a single charge.

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