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What are some good Remixes/Soundtracks/Songs to sleep to?


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I've recently had a problem falling asleep at night in my dorm, and I've tried playing music when I go to sleep, turns out I feel about ten times better when I wake up the next day.

I was wondering about some good remixes that are good to fall asleep or sleep to?

I have a playlist with most of MYST and RIVEN's soundtracks on it, as well as Jivemaster's Symphonic Ruin, EgM's Sol Sanctum Guitar (Awesome song btw), Seaside lullaby, symphonic ballade, and a few Chrono Trigger Remixes. And the newest Chrono Cross mix, and I quite enjoy it atm.

Looking forward to seeing what you all think.

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I enjoyed Dreaming On Distant Shores while going to sleep.


Also RiverofTime AmIEviL. Really good mix to listen to. The sound of the rain is soothing.


And PearlSong. Wonderful piano work. And the theme is great. Really dreamlike.


Recently I've been enjoying Transformers the Score before I go to sleep. Before that I always listened to This Binary Universe by BT. That album is really good to go to sleep. Mainly the first track(All That Makes Us Human Continues) and track 5.(See You On The Other Side) I really suggest track 5.

Well uh thats all I got on me right now. Can't really think much since I'm in class at the moment.

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Children of the Monkey Machine recently did an awesome ambient 34 min (!!) Tetris mix called "The Battle of Chernobyl," complete with soothing pads and chirping crickets, that blew my pajamas off. Very nice to listen to before hitting the hay, although I should warn you that there are one or two sound effects that might be a little loud/jarring.

Catch it now before the WIP thread is gone!


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I've fallen asleep to quite a few songs from the Chrono Cross OST, like Jellyfish Sea, Prisoners of Fate, Radical Dreamers, as well as the Homeworld/Another World themes. Also, surprisingly, the Donkey Kong Country games have some sleep inducing songs, like Aquatic Ambiance from DK1, and Stickerbrush Symphony [aka Brambles theme] from DK2.

As far as anime soundtracks go, the Wolf's Rain OST has some very relaxing songs such as Shiro - Long tails, Gravity, Cloud 9, Tell Me What the Rain Knows, etc. Evangelion also has a few good songs to fall asleep to like Rei's Theme and Thanatos.

Also, Brian Eno is great to listen to when falling asleep. I'd recommend playing his entire "Music For Films" album on loop.

I could list many more, but that's all I can think of at the moment.

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Hell, I have a whole playlist that plays every night that helps me sleep.

As far as ReMixes go, the one that stands out in my mind is 'Kizukaseru' by Unipulator. http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00903/

However, I find that most of the music in my playlist comes from various Cafe Del Mar albums I've found. Very relaxing stuff. Also, I have the .hack//Sign OST, Mindi Abair, Grover Washington Jr., some Candi Dulfer (I like saxophone music), and some music from an album I found using StumbleUpon (http://www.lunarmusic.net/).

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Wow, didn't expect so many replies. I checked out Pixietrick's song on Animeremix, I very much enjoy it, I think it'll go near the top of my playlist. I checked out the other songs on OCR as well, and I really like them as well, especially River of Time (It's alwaays great when I can smile to myself after recognizing the source material, heh).

Also, Ocarina of Time's Prayer is great too, I really love Pixietrick's singing in that song. I feel like I'm just completely relaxed hearing it. (The original song was very haunting.)

I'm going to edit my playlist now and get back to this thread tommorow. Any more opinions would be great.

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Man, every time. Once again everyone neglects Hazama's Suikoden II mix. THE most relaxing song on the site.

Not everyone! I know that song's soothing powers well. Also, there's an "official" arranged version of the same Reminiscence theme which is very calming as well.

But what about CotMM's totally ambient chilled take on Secret of Mana's Pure Night, "Pure Lands (Total Darkness)"? Or the two Pot Hocket tracks from Voices of the Lifestream, seemingly plucked from a guitar of gently-laid heartstrings? Vigilante's "May Fortune Smile Upon You"?

And in a totally non-VGM vein, Suzanne Teng's flute playing is a nice fluffy pillow of sound. Or better yet... a magic carpet, floating in midair...

Or maybe I just need to get to sleep myself. o.o

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A couple from here that I feel you should take a look at:

Deathonthesnowfield (Final Fantasy VI) by AmIEviL


Return to Elysian Lands (Secret of Mana) by Nigel Simmons


Aquescent Symphony (Zelda 64) by Theophany


To name a few.

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I loves me some chill tracks. I've never really fallen asleep to something, but Prot's Brambles mix (I think it was Brambly Rivers?) and Forest Birdcussion, I imagine, would be good. As would be the originals from Donkey Kong Country 2 (Stickerbrush Symphony and Forest Interlude, respectively.) Glow Worm Jim from Mazedude's American Album might be good too, but there's a big funky beat near the end which may wake you up.

Also, once when I was depressed, I found it oddly helpful just walking around at night listening to Invertebrate Retreat by Daniel Baranowsky. (Another thing that helps with sadness is Lizardino Slayer Quartet by ilp0, but not because it's chill; it's impossible to listen to that and not be happy. But this is UNRELATED.)

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Just about anything from Dhsu. Rainbow Snowland and Nirvana are particularly sleep-inducing. Another Fair isn't bad either.

djpretzel's Pachelbel's Ganon (well, not so much) and theophany's Aquescent Symphony... also, Under A New Moon by Fatty Acid and sephfire is pretty good too, though I've found myself unconsciously snapping my fingers to the beat, so that may not be an optimal choice.

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