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OCR01646 - Doom II "No Man Is an Island"


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Very interesting arrangement but even more interesting soundscape. Man I love using that word. Soundscape. Sounds so good.

Anyway, the guitar work is top notch, I especially enjoy the quirky little noises.

The intro is a bit drawn out and by using the toms in such a dynamically quiet part, you kinda give away that this remix has some mixing issues when it comes to getting it all to sit tight in the mix. When everything gets crackin' you don't mind this as much though, but it's still apparent. It's mostly the guitar that's suffering from being a bit thin.

Meh, I'll learn to live with these tiny issues because otherwise this remix aces arrangement and keeps it interesting. Real nice guys.

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Hmm, certainly a different take on the material. Less of a "relentless driving machine" like the original, and more ethereal, more spaced out. I dig the special effects (all the cool reversed noises and such), and the guitar work is excellent.

I wasn't a huge fan of the weird arc the song seemed to take though. Lots of swelling and dimming without an overall feel of things growing and building. Didn't really seem to climax... kinda like it got loud, it got soft, it got loud, it got soft, it got loud again, then it ended.

Nice job with the notes on the pizzicato though; ya stayed a little truer to the tonality of the middle section than I did with my version. :) And I'm pleased to see other people tackle Doom 2 at long last.

- Mazedude

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For the record, I didn't really do all that much to the track. There were some concerns about the balance of the EQ mainly, and being a fan of both David and Luiza's work, I opted to help them with the mastering. So David hooked me up with the rendered track waves, and I touched them up a little. I added some bassline towards the end, and inserted that one dirty filtered loop, but this is still like, 90% their baby.

I was really honored that they let me contribute in the small way I did.

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A lot of the time, it feels too chaotic. There seems to be too many melodies playing at once, and... well, dischord. Also, a lot of the time, the drums lacked flow; they just felt like samples pasted in a little here and there, with little or no connection to each other. Obviously, others like this song, so these are just my personal problems with it and can be ignored as you see fit.

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As quoted the writing in the song alone is fantastic. It tries to move away for the original arrangement but keeps coming back which gives it most of the points from me.

Great guitar work, excellent reverse effects, and you get top points for how it's written.


PS And just for the record and a shout out to Reece Riley (Terminator):


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Loved the title on this one, 'No Man is an Island'. Very clever.

Aside from that it's a great arrangement. I was shocked how proportionate the various instruments/sound effects were. They seemed very well placed and set at the appropriate levels disallowing them to drown out the piano and other tunes.

Great job guys.

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I actually think the thin guitar fits the mood nicely, better than something with lots of thump and crunch would anyway. I'm not so sure about the pinch harmonics at 2:04 and 2:07 though. They aren't in key and sound like they're there just for the sake of being there. Gotta compliment the slick drums. Interesting work as a whole guys.

Lyrics for the non-instrumental version:

Some people stand in the darkness,

afraid to step into the light.

Some people need to help somebody

when the edge of surrender's in sight.

Don't you worry!

It's gonna be alright.

'cause I'm always ready,

I won't let you out of my sight.

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Pretty cool track, I have to agree that the thin guitar tone works (sounds great really), though I think that a fuller tone should have been used as punctuation in a few sections for specific rhythmic hits.

Synths were nice, and the bass synth at the end was especially great. Loved that slide down!

The track arrangement has some really nice builds and breakdowns, and though the shredding at the end alternated between pretty sweet and pretty sloppy, it was an overall good performance.

Nice work homies, this is good stuff.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01646 - Doom II "No Man Is an Island"

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