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OCR00865 - Super Mario Bros. 3 "aquacadence"


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Super Mario Bros. 3 'aquacadence'

Wow. That's all I can say when I listen to this. Some really damn nice instrumentation and arrangement here. If you like music, you WILL like this mix. It's a guarantee. That is, unless you absolutely hate anything close to orchestral. Regardless, recommended without a doubt! There is simply nothing bad I can say about aquacadence other than that the ReMixer's name is deceiving :)

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Wow. Just Wow. I am never remixing in techno again. I want to be a better person too. I want to help the poor, I want to... You get what I mean. This remix is nice in everyway. As I listen to it, I feel so happy and better about myself. This was nicely done, nice instrements.


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--Begin Transmission--

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I can't say enough about this absolutely fabulous piece. The begining is completely captivating with all of the different voices coming in one-by-one, the snare in the background is perfect, the bells fit right in, good use of crechendos and decrechendos, I can even sing to the melody of the original song. GOD! This piece is absolutely fabulous. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

PS Is it possible at all to get a copy this piece in sheet-music form? I have a band teacher who would probably LOVE this and LOVE to have the class play it.

--End Transmission--

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This was a pretty simple theme in SMB3 that'd I'd never imagined to have a remix of. Sill, analoq seems to pull it off very well...it is a beautiful, almost overblown interperatation of the theme. The fact that it's done very professionaly discourages me just a bit - it almost doesn't sound like playing Mario 3 with the frog and the annoying squids and the little bubbles that push you every which way anymore. But maybe I'm just a little too used to weird stuff. Anyway, this is still a great remix that everyone should get. It's one of the better orchestral remixes I've heard in quite awhile...

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Sweet, very sweet. When a remix can take a simple sequence of bleeps and turn it into a sweeping, theatrical score - well! My hat is off to Analoq for merely having the vision to create this mix. Never mind the fact that it has been pulled of so well. The piece plays effortlessly. Nothing is "tacked-on". It just works.

Nice work ( :P ) ! I'm looking forward to more. :)

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No doubt about it, this kind of remix is always overdue. It sounds so ...EPIC!

I'm glad I had the priviledge to listen to it. Well done, DJ.

One request though... More church bells. They really add a lot of sound, and I think that if there was a little more of these, this remix would have gotten an 11/10, instead of a 10/10. ^_^

Please bring more like this!

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A very good arrangement. I think my favorite part was with the piano. But it no longer made it sound like Super Mario Bros 3, but something serious, which is in no way bad. Some of these soundfonts I recognized... I must have them. Anyways, I think it was a really good song, an excellent first if it is a first.

But if you guys are so much into orchestral pieces, you should also really check out Russell Cox, if you haven't already.

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The first 2 times I tried downloading this song, it froze at 51% for some odd reason. Most songs I download from this site are done in a few seconds thanks to cable, but there was something strange holding me back from this one. I like the feel of the piece, but some of the soundfonts just sounded horrendous. The snare drum sounded pretty bad, but then again, I played percussion throughout high school, so I'm picky about stuff like that. This is put together really well, but I'm not really impressed with the piece. It's just not my preference. Recommended if you really like the original, but I'd stay away if you're not into "epic" pieces.

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It's very Last Starfigher... I just can't help but think of some trailer park kid saving the universe, only instead of doing it with spaceships, he does it by throwing magical waterproof fireballs at various sorts of marine life. At least, that's what The Wizard should've been about.

I just love remixes like this that take happy-poppy NES music and turn it into a grand orchestral affair. It's feels so wrong, but at the same time oh, so right.

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Can I be the first to say "wow"? Damn, People above have already done that. The melody is recognizable. I would have never imagined a compliation like this. Analog you composed this song with excellent style and I love your use of the piano. It's sort of like playing blue moon on the pinao, but instead it's the SMB3 aqua song. :D

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It's time for a very exciting Jean Of mArc Play-By-Play.

Basically I play the song, and notate at various track times what I was thinking about the song at that point.


0:00 - Silence.

0:05 - Nice string sound. Must aquire! Or at least awe in envy.

0:17 - Wow! So this is like a full orchestra playing here! Sounds good...

0:25 - Wait, that snare doesn't sound quite right... Very crunchy... The rest is sounding mighty fine...

0:35 - Nice chime effect. A bit more volume would have put more punch though...

0:51 - Wonderful piano/music box collaberation! I reconize this song now. Wow... This is beautiful!

1:20 - This added section is PERFECT! Fits the style and adds something that didn't exist, and continues the beauty.

1:54 - Repeat of melody with a subtle change in the bass.

3:00 - Tympani nice lead back into the full chorus.

3:15 - Very dedicated to the melody without over-doing it (the sign of a near-perfect mix)

3:40 - Good added lead-in bar to take us into...

3:45 - A faster version of the same thing.

4:26 - Fantastic ending.


- Thoughtful arrangment

- Beautiful piano solo

- Intro gets anticipation for the main melody

- Outro great final build-up

- Nice cresendo from the piano arrising from the orchestra around 00:50

- An absolutly wonderful song


- Chimes could have been louder

- Trumpets aren't as in-your-face as real trumpets, though I have yet to find a very good trumpet synth sound.

- Snare, rhythm is great, but I think a snappier sound would make it sound more authentic.


One of the best remixes I've ever heard.

I'm a freak for orchestrated music, especially of songs I know.

This is one of my favorites, hands down.

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OMG! analoq's first submission...

it's been a long time, he was a shy noob and now look at him, experienced judge that always does nice works.

listening to this remix it's clear that was produced by a master (even at his earlier works).

interesting arrangements on a very simple theme, I never guessed that tune can be played in this way. sure, unexpected orchestra!

on the other side, this song is a bit too long and may become a bit boring if you don't like orchestral stuff. perhaps I'm biased (e.g. I seldom listen to anything below 200bpm), but these are my two cents.


27/30 on tech stuff (-3 for some background noise and random minor issues)

13/30 on happiness.

that's mean this song is a nice 20/30 for me.

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I can't think of anything that hasn't already been said. It's amazing how a fun little NES tune can be transformed into an grand orchestral number.

I love orchestral mixes, and this is now definitely among my favorites (along with stuff like "Pilot the Yggdrasil" and Rise of the Star's "Dreams of Valor").

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What a great expansion on an overlooked gem. It channels Super Mario Galaxy's epic orchestral approach, even though it predates it by about 5 years. I also got a Donkey Kong 64 vibe in some places. Take that as an insult or compliment, but I for one think it's nothing to be ashamed of.

When those big moments happen, it never sounds like a REAL orchestra, now that I'm spoiled with choice from Mario Galaxy and other authentic orchestral game music arrangements, but it hardly detracts from what this is. Like an oak from an acorn, this is a big mix grown from small beginnings. It's very easy to see why this was such a big deal when it hit OCR all those years ago, and how analoq got to where he is today.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00865 - Super Mario Bros. 3 "aquacadence"

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