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OC ReMix plagiarism: report it here!


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Oh oh oh OH OH! Can we do horrible things to him? Like, send big black guys in leather to his house and ask for him by name? And then have everyone in the neighborhood ask why this kid has big black leather-clad men showing up at his house? No, better yet, a singing stripper. A gay one! And he's sing something about how he shouldn't steal other people's work. And someone has to video tape it for us. Yeah, that would be awesome.

Sometimes, I wish I was rich, so that I could send gay strippers to the homes and offices of people that steal music from here. I would do it.

Seriously. I would.

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Looking for: More friends

Occupation: Stealing music, flash, and other people's drawings

Influences: Everyone on OCR

Favorite Quote: "Never trust a Bluebomber, unless its dead."

Band Members: Just me

Hidden Talent: Stealing

Relationship Status: Had a girlfriend/ Has a boyfriend


I guess thats enough for now.

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One more drawing I found of the Bluebomber's site.


Look how good he is. Probably stole these too.


(Just to clarify things becasue it seems a lot of people are confused. This is a fake picture I made to make fun of Bluebomber. I am not the kid who plagiarized the stuff. This is a JOKE. Hope that's plain enough for all you confuzzled people out there.)

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Seriously, how stupid is this guy, anyway? The original of that Pokemon pic was the first hit in a Google search for "lucario mew tan." This isn't the eighteenth century; this is the freakin' internet -- if you found it online and stole it, someone else can (often very easily) find it online and call you out.

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Has anyone tried contacting the site's administrators yet?

I reported the songs on imeem, though who knows when anything will be done about it. I whole heartidly support fucking with this kids head though. He has to learn that plagiarism has consequences at some point, and better now than when he's 20 and being thrown out of university or something. Besides, who could honestly resist the opportunity to possibly scar a kid for life?

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