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      01. AdbeatS - Shifts (Original Mix)
      02. AdbeatS - Mirage (Original Mix)   LISTEN / DOWNLOAD:
      ►   FEEDBACKS:
      Ferry Corsten: "Favorite Track "Shifts" Thanks for sending, we've downloaded it"
      BlizzyBlaze: "The beat really creates deep and wide sonic scape. Vocal is processed very well and sits nicely in the mix. Nice work on this remix"
      FlexKartel: "Beat is banging bro. This is what creativity sounds like. this mix was mastered greatly"
      Clubfungus: "Short build into a chilled housey dance styled energy and drive! Happy warm atmosphere from the synths used! Kick i felt could punch through a little more and bounce the mix more with that bass! Beats flow nicely and when the guitar lead came in sounded real kool more of that please! Good vibe!"
      Spencer Bonds: "Mixed perfect i like the voice synth effects you used also bro "
      Flegmadik: "Great track! Loving the feel of it very vice city sounds. But with the house drums sounds really cool. Mastering is great also keep it up."   AVAILABLE ON:
      ► iTunes:
      ► Beatport:
      ► Spotify:   Downtech Music is a Deep House, Techno and Tech House Label, created in 2010 with releases of other styles like; Electro, Minimal and Tropical House... Electronic music online. International DJ agency, club events...  In our web you can buy and download music in mp3, wav and free discjockey sets. We are looking Producers!! You can send us your Electronic Music to release on Beatport, iTunes... Here: Send Demos Mastered or Unmastered tracks
      Visit us and get the new releases, Free mp3 tracks and deejays sets of our djs and producers:
      JackLNDN, Keener, Dhyan Droik, Marfel, Carlos Beltran, Ben Wood, Vlada D'Shake, Deep Roots, Anthony Brahv, James Starkie, DeadBot, Rubecula, AdbeatS, Alex Justicia, Xperimental, Davhelos...
      Downtech Music - Artist - Videos   Enjoy the Music!!!
    • I like this piece does a great job of exploring the theme and squeezes every drop of juice out of the marimba and other instruments. Fresh squeezed marimba juice is what all the cool kids are drinking. Also I find it really works for Mario games in general, like all the more sombre parts are just variations on the melody. Made me think of Super Mario World's soundtrack and when I noticed years ago things like the underwater theme is a rearrangement of earlier music.
    • Still proves that there isn't a bad track anywhere in this release. Maybe if you really despise jazz in all its forms, but even then I'd tell people to hurry up and snag that torrent immediately. So. Get it. Download it. Love it.
    • Explain your usual workflow and describe what aspects of it you think need to be improved. Or maybe pick a part of someone else's remix that you enjoyed and try to recreate it.
    • Direct Download: This is the OverClocked PlayList, a collection of listener-submitted recommendations so we can all discover music together! This week’s theme is: My First VGM! Next Week's Playlist: Kirby Music Secret Songs Stephen Bryan

      The Playlist: My First VGM
        Crashman Stage - Mega Man 2 (Fenix Down) Open Your Heart - Sonic Adventure (Black_Doom) Title Theme - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (John Stacy) Green Hill Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog (ptrbob) Ghost Town - Extremely Goofy Skateboarding (PlanarianHugger) Stage 1 - Treasure of the Usas (Jorito) Theme - RuneScape (NiceAbz) Magic Books in the Library - Mickey’s Ultimate Challenge (Jack) The Second Truth from the Left - Secret of Mana (Yami) New Bark Town - Pokemon Gold / Silver (Emily McMillen) The soundtrack to Elevator Action (Stephen) Title Theme - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Bastiongolem) Overworld - Super Mario Bros. (Zack Parrish) Power of Anger - Life Force (Carlos) Music A - Tetris (John) Bumper music: Late Night Sneakin' - HappyBivouac Jet Set Groove #3 - Hideki Naganuma S.E. Tape - SEGA Oldies But Happies - Hideki Naganuma The Concept of Love - Hideki Naganuma Like It Like This Like That - Hideki Naganuma S.E. System01 - SEGA Extra info: Twitter: @OCRpodcast Bryan: @LordMeldorr Stephen: @StephenKelly180 Discord: Email: YouTube: Google Play:

      iTunes: Stitcher: RSS: OverClocked ReMix is dedicated to the appreciation and promotion of video game music as an art form. Learn more at! View the full article
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