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    Electronic music of all kinds and waveforms. Oldschool tracker stuff, EDM, dubious synthpop, drum & bass, videogame music remixes and much more. I've got a videogame remix album on the way later this year. It'll feature Chrono Trigger, Megaman, Super Mario and the usual suspects PLUS some titles which aren't remixed quite that often. I'll be uploading some sneak peaks from the studio, subscribe to my YouTube channel now! #VGM ^^

    Glejs is a one man project located in the middle parts of Sweden. Ever since he was a little kid he always had a special place in his heart for music and sound. Around summer 1996 he was introduced by a friend to a shareware music program called “Fasttracker 2”… Glejs was immediatly hooked, and later that year he bought himself his first PC. Composing music quickly became his favourite hobby. Music styles range from electro & trance/techno to drum & bass & videogame influenced melodic stuff.
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    FMDrive, Glitch2, NI Maschine, NI Massive, Ableton Live
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    Coming up with cheesy melody lines?

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  1. Very chill indeed. Nice job!
  2. Ahh love the music of this game!! It's on my to do-list to remix.. I'm liking what you've done here. Straightforward techno beat, heavy sidechaining and some vocoder blerps, very cool cyber punk ominous feel. The arrangement is more or less the same as the original (with some harmonies entering on the arpeggiated synths later on). I was hoping for something more. Perhaps some kind of break down and build up somewhere, with completely new harmonies coming in (like some synths from the original, which is missing in your track)? Regardless, I like it so far!
  3. Really unfortunate how everything turned out.. I think I'll just feature this track on my Youtube page and move on Made some tiny changes to it by the way, and uploaded it already! Here it is:
  4. @Gario Shocking to hear about the Square-Enix legal stuff! I could try to make a OCR-version but as you're impying, the exchange of SFX would make the tune less cool. Regardless, thanks so much for your thoughts. I'll be wary of sampling their stuff in the future, or mangle all material into oblivion. @Dextastic There's a bit of resonance in the build up first minute, I agree on that. Personally I don't find it unpleasant. Grateful for your input, thanks! I have used quite a few instruments from the Chrono Trigger soundfont in this tune btw. The lead at 1:50 for example.. but I can't remember where in the game these girl "la la la" vocals are heard.. Can you? Anyone? Anyways, glad you guys liked it! I might go to the studio tonight and try to make some last minute fixes.
  5. Just a tiny little bit too pace-y for my old worn out dance-y feet, but it sounds AWESOME. Love all the details, swing to it, acids, stabs, choice of instruments.. Very 90s rave-y! Great-y work-y!! EDIT: Subbed to your YouTube channel.
  6. Hi guys! I'm back with a second remix.. As with the first one (Donkey Kong Country - Aquatic Ambiance // A Journey Through Grand Oceans), it is a lenghty track. Motivated by a few twists and turns which hopefully will keep the listener interested all the way. The style is electronic and instrumental, alternating between a bass/trap/hiphop-ish beat (?) and a slow house groove. Kind of. Sooo.. ready for review <3 I would love to lend someones ears to hear the mix/mastering of this one. Does it sound good overall? Anything I could change? Many thanks in advance. Dropbox link: Removed! Scroll down for the full track. Original tune:
  7. 3. completed VGM Remixes Vol.1

    Thanks for the info Gario, I was just reading about the process of submitting tracks to you guys. It says I need to submit the track by email? But is it enough to make a new thread there and tag it for mod review? I have sent you a pm about this.
  8. 3. completed VGM Remixes Vol.1

    Rafael, thank you so much for your detailed thoughts and ideas about my track. And thanks for your patience! Indeed it is a long one Despite some small niggles, I feel confident to try and get this submitted. Hoping for the best! Thanks again!
  9. 3. completed VGM Remixes Vol.1

    My take on Aquatic Ambience, a great tune from the Super Nintendo game Donkey Kong Country, is now ready for review <3 I would love to lend someones ears to hear the mastering of this one. Does it sound good overall? Many thanks in advance. Dropbox link: - DKC Aquatic Ambiance master.wav?dl=0 Original tune:
  10. .. and it became a Xenogears track in an instant. Great work!
  11. The intro is a bit messy, piano lead sounds a thin and uninspired.. But I really like all the different drum patterns, and the bass sounds ok. Leave it for a while, and come back with a fresh pair of ears and work on the arrangement. I've grown up with the Mega Drive/Genesis version, first time ever I heard the arcade quality vocal fx. Really nice
  12. Solid stuff! Regardless of the drum'n bass modern classic rythm Love the variety, and the solo lead finishing off the whole thing was awesome. You have a new subscriber. Please check out my YT channel as well, and subscribe if you feel like it. I have a VGM remix album coming up. Mostly electronic cool stuff
  13. Perhaps if you try and shorten it? The middle section made it a bit long.. since this middle section it's more or less a repetition of the first part. When I jumped straight from 1:50 to 3:17 it felt fresh, love the stuff from 3:17 and onwards. You could also try to have the more gentle opening part come back again, after 5:17.. instead of fading it out. Try and add the part starting at 0:33 straight after 5:17. It makes a nice subtle change in "pace". And then fade it out from there. The double kick drum every other beat, do something about that. Makes it a bit too predictable. Regarding songs which are 5+ minutes, I think all my coming game music remixes will be around 5 and up to 10-12 minutes long.. Not looking forward to reviews, if there will be any
  14. This was a fun listen! Played this game a lot (yeah, Genesis/Megadrive version) back in the days. I thought the coolest were the 4th and 5th ones.
  15. Sounds like a cleaner version of the original (which I love), not sure what else to write in a review since it's the exact same arrangement as the original song