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Found 145 results

  1. A little remix I made. This is available on my Chrono Trigger album :
  2. Here's my little remix of this theme. Only the instrumental version is available due to Youtube's content system. Vocal Version Instrumental Version This is available on my Kingdom Hearts Series album :
  3. This took about a week of work to finish. This is available on my Mechwarrior album :
  4. I wasn't sure if I should post this here since it's not a remix, but it did take a lot of work to cover. This is my largest song I've ever produced in size and magnitude. Each instrument was recorded in full length on it's own track. Usually I do some copy/paste magic, but I couldn't do it here since the notes change often. The source file is 5GB in size. Vocal Version Instrumental Version Both are available on my Final Fantasy VII album :
  5. Sup guys! So I did a vocal remix of the newly released "Hard-Boiled Heavies" track from Sonic Mania! So far getting a lot of good reviews of it being catchy! Hope yall enjoy!
  6. Hey guys, It's been forever since I've made a proper remix. This one is definitely leaning towards more of a remake than a more traditional OCReMix so I don't think this would ever be able to be submitted. As the song progresses there's a bit more variation and deviation from the original tune. Over this was sort of a project to get me back into the swing of things. I think I really do need to submit a proper remix one day though. Either way, I'm looking for criticism on this I guess more on the mixing side of things. But any criticism is welcomed. Thanks for listening! ~Syllix
  7. Overwatch fans! So I definitely created an EDM Remix featuring Genji's "I Need Healing" phrase! This has my own vocals as well. I guess its an original/game remix. I also created a lyric video for it! Hope you enjoy!
  8. I DID IT! All the notes are correct, tried to make it close to the original as possible. Enjoy! EDIT: No "twinkly arp thing"- don't know the notes. - I combined several versions- opening from original, variation from 80's version, some parts from 2005 on
  9. I was just analysing the original for chord progressions in seventh intervals. But suddenly felt like covering it. MP3: - Super Mario Kart (Rainbow Road).mp3?dl=0
  10. So, I posted a week ago my work in progress, and now is finished. This is my first arrangament for OCRemix: The Calm Of It.mp3?dl=0 I have choosed a song from Secret Of Mana, and my idea was to rearrange the song into something more calmer, more contemplative. Maybe it will differ from the original but my idea wasn't to cover exactly the original song, but making something new from the original ideas of the composer (without adding new melodies or harmony). Here is the original song:
  11. Hey all, This is a straight remake of one of my favorite vgm's. I'd be interested to hear any comments or criticisms!
  12. Hi, folks. I actually shared some earlier attempts of this track more than a year ago here. I haven't changed too much since the conclusion of that thread, but thought I'd share the final track. I had to rush filming the video, so there are some minor mistakes hidden in there. I've also learned a lot about the instruments since recording the audio, especially the pennywhistle, and regret some of the flat playing and technique. That all being said, any thoughts or criticisms are welcome; I'm done with this track, but always looking to improve my awful production. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it.
  13. Sup guys! Check out the dance track “It’s No Use If Your Too Slow” including the popular phrase from Silver the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog! Also have female vocal samplea and my own added lyrics as well. Enjoy!
  14. Hey all. I recently finished my metal arrangement of Vampire Killer from the original Castlevania game. Featuring live bats...(maybe fake ones). Enjoy!
  15. It's time to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the very popular "Metal Gear" franchise with a remix of a track from a criminally underrated entry in the series. Saxophone: @HankTheSpankTankJankerson Bass/Jazz Guitar: @Arvangath Rhodes/Piano/Harp: @Peíorele Guitar: @mattmatrice Programming: classic_gamer_76 Mixing/Mastering: @timaeus222 Artwork by Lia Perrone. Huge thanks to everyone involved -- as well as @The Nikanoru -- for making this happen. You guys are AWESOME!
  16. Check out my remix of Rip & Tear from DOOM (2016). If Doom Slayer was killing demons in a rave, this is the music that would play. 160 BPM club mix which blends thrash metal into a high octane club remix. Support from the original composer Mick Gordon "Mad remix" and ETC!ETC! (Mad Decent, Dim Mak). (not submitting this, just sharing it with the community) Download: Stream and VHS music video:
  17. Hey guys! It's been a while since I posted a cover, so i'm really excited to share with you guys my new cover of the main theme from Crash Bandicoot: Warped! Went a bit heavy on this one lol Anyways, Enjoy and let me know what you think!
  18. Hello! I finished my first Pokemon arrangement and wanted to share it with you people here :)! Violet city theme is quite tight track and it's very fun to play with guitar. My arrangement is not very complicated, but i wanted to give this track some of my own rock / metal kinda spin :D. Here is the link to my cover: And here is the original:
  19. Hey guys, I made this fun rap video/track using the voicelines from the game Overwatch, edited on top of the Beastie Boys' song Sure Shot. I had a lot of fun making it, and I hope you guys dig it! Cheers.
  20. I figure I'd share this collab I did months ago with my friend TheGreenPiano (Who arranged the music for this) I believe he's actually on these forums. So full credit to him for the music. The idea,puppeteering, puppet building, filming, editing etc. were done by me. The voice of the female Opera singer was Caroline Joy who absolutely STEALS THE SHOW. and the familar voices after the credits were viced by my friend Matt Cornah of the DKVine. I'm not submitting this to OCremix, unless TheGreenPiano wants to. Plus I'd need to ask Caroline Joy if that's okay. I don't know what the deal is for collaborations. Let me know for the future. Let me know what you think.
  21. I created a remix based on the popular yet catchy as heck, Bad Apple from Touhou Have a listen, and what do you guys think? what are you thoughts on the song?
  22. Hi all, I finally finished the guitar/bass cover of Tuna Head theme from Thimbleweed Park. It was a hard work and I had bad times transcribing the partitions by ear :-/ There are so much arrangements, and layers of instruments in the OST that it was driving me crazy trying to get the whole thing done... There remain some mistakes, but anyway, hope you'll enjoy the song... To the talented muscians here: I'm really looking forward to hear covers of this great song, please!!!
  23. I've been reading to figure out how to submit my remix. I don't see any options so Youtube is the only way at the moment. Enjoy
  24. Hey there, my favorite Twitch streamer ( was streaming gameplay of Secret of Mana 2 the other day, when he suddenly broke into a spontaneous freestyle rap, over the in-game music, while playing the game. It was a really cool, unique moment! Warning: Lots of N-Bombs, F-Bombs, and other offensive language in this video. It's mostly harmless, but some people may get offended. Anyways, enjoy!
  25. hey guys whats up ? here a another remix track from the game need for speed III.. sirius 909 by rom di prisco enjoy my synsthesics remix..