View Full Version : Midi Control Maps

Sammy D
11-02-2009, 10:04 PM
I just got my PCR-800 and I'm trying to set up some controls. There are 10 knobs at the top of my keyboard. My keyboard also has something called control maps, which allows me to create presets for the channels that the knobs at the top control. The problem is that I want each control map to control different things, but there aren't enough channels (127, I think is standard MIDI) for the 16 different control maps (160 knobs + a bunch of other buttons). How do I get it so that each control map controls parameters I want it to. I have a control map editor which allows me to change the messages to things like channel messages, free messages, System Realtime, System ex., and tempo.

Under channel messages, there's RPN/NRPN and Control change which are the only things which have value ranges, and the ability to change channels (control numbers) or MSB/LSB.