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Brushfire 03-04-2012 11:27 PM

New OCAD starts in 30 minutes. HalC joins us to discuss Mass Effect 3 and ponies.


Flexstyle 03-05-2012 12:18 AM

Not tuning in. Don't like ponies. :-P

Brushfire 03-05-2012 02:31 AM

That's too bad, cause this episode was great.

Level 99 03-06-2012 01:27 PM

Episodes 91, 92, and Batman Fanfic Reading
A bit late on my part but here's two episodes and a fanfic reading!

Episode 91 - That Guy From That Show That's So Much Better Than This Show

Episode 92 - Bevo Hortz

Fanfic Rading - Batman In the Bowels of Hell

Brushfire 03-09-2012 12:17 AM

RSS is up to date. Blame Mass Effect 3 for tardiness.

Brushfire 03-18-2012 10:48 PM

New OCAD starts in 10. Join us with Sephfire at www.8bitx.com

Adventdawn 03-20-2012 08:23 AM


Originally Posted by Flexstyle (Post 846362)
Not tuning in. Don't like ponies. :-P

I think your getting OCAD confused with Cyril's Silly Show :P.I tune into both (when I can) and I am starting to feel the dark grip of the ponies on my soul.. Thanks Brushfire and Cyril :-D

Level 99 03-23-2012 02:31 PM

Episode 93 & 94
Episode 93 - Gay Robot Pride Parade

Episode 94 - Slamsational

Episode 93 contains a FANFIC reading (how awful). Hogwarts and a Giant Squid. Yes, Hogwarts. The school. Not the people inside the school, but the building itself as a separate entity.

Episode 94 has Sephfire from Extra Credits join us for more ramblings again.

Also, just FYI, Episode 93 was up on the OCAD homepage last week but I neglected to update the thread here. We have our awesome friend, Logan, updating the website whenever an episode is released. So check that website FIRST before checking here for new episodes, since there is always a slight-to-lengthy delay between when its up over there and when its pushed out here.

Brushfire 03-24-2012 05:03 PM

RSS is up to date. Thanks for playing!

Brushfire 03-25-2012 01:07 PM

Dont forget OCAD Faithful! New OCAD tonight at 7 PM with guest Audun Sørlie. www.8bitx.com

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