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Originally Posted by Sengin View Post
The game itself makes me very interested, especially with the (hopefully) 1:1 controls. Although, I could definitely do with a difficulty increase....

However, I'm really iffy on the orchestral music. I have found that orchestral music doesn't fit well with video games to me. While there were a couple of songs I liked of Super Mario Galaxy, most of them are completely forgettable (I can't recall a single song, and I just beat the game for the second time 100% again a month ago) and somewhat bland/boring - too "atmospheric" and made to be background music just to have something other than silence. I always liked the melodies that video game music offered - stuff that got stuck in your head, that you could hum/whistle/bob your head to and really get into, and with this shift to orchestral music, it seems like the majority of songs have put that all away and all the games that do this type of music are very similar sounding, boring pieces of music that just fill the silence (no good original melodies, no good "groove"). Of course, this doesn't mean orchestral music can't be interesting, but I haven't played a game yet (or at least one I can remember off the top of my head) that has orchestral music that is interesting for more than a couple songs. Maybe I haven't played the right game though.
Are you kidding?? I can't get those Galaxy songs out of my head!

I personally couldn't be more excited for orchestral music!
And yes, Nintendo can make even orchestral music change on the fly. Dive underwater in Mario Galaxy or hit Bowser's weak spot (for massive damage) to see what I mean.

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