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Andrew Aversa, Balance and Ruin Director, Voices of the Lifestream Director
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The FINAL FANTASY III ReMix Album - "Echoes of Eternity" - loool

Ever since the release of Voices of the Lifestream, I have received countless emails and PMs asking what game I would cover next. And consistently, among all the people that I've spoken with, the common request was an FF3 project. Yes, the timeless console RPG from over a decade ago, BEFORE the greatness that was FF7. It took months of planning, but I'm finally proud to announce that the project, Final Fantasy 3: "Echoes of Eternity", is well-underway, thanks to McVaffe who is making his triumphant return to the community by co-directing it!

Here are the ReMixers that have been recruited to tackle this AMAZING soundtrack (65 songs!!!)

* Mazedude
* Ailsean
* pixietricks
* AnotherSoundscape
* sgx
* Joshua Morse
* Children of the Monkey Machine
* djpretzel
* Sixto
* AE & PlanetSkill
* analoq
* Fishy
* zircon
* norg
* SnappleMan
* D-Lux
* Jeremy Robson
* JigginJonT
* McVaffe
* virt
* Steffan Andrews
* dimmer
* Red Tailed Fox
* Bart Klepka
* LeeBro
* binster
* Armcannon
* AmIEvil
* The Coop
* Carbunk1e
* tefnek
* bLiNd
* Rellik
* Bladiator
* OverCoat
* and others...


Definitely some old school faces in there... and while some of these folks haven't been active for years, when I emailed them about this project they were so excited about remixing FF3 that they all jumped on board. The entire soundtrack is spoken for and our final deadline is June 31st. We've arranged the project into four CDs, like VotL, and each CD has its own genre and sub-director; for example, JigginJonT is handling the "Jazz" CD and bLiNd is doing the "Trance" CD. You can expect a project release no later than mid-August - I'll be posting WIPs sometime in the near future as a teaser. In the meantime, check out the cover art djpretzel put together:

(Note: We are arranging tracks from the NES version, not the recent DS remake)

Feel free to leave any comments here. I'm so excited to finally be working on the one project that could possibly top Voices of the Lifestream.

ps. We will be needing mirrors, as well as advanced seeders, so please post if you can help with either of these things!
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Danny Adler
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I haven't done a remix in like 2 years, comin' back for this. Wait till you hear the white-boy rhymes I spit over the town theme! This has nothing on my DDR remix.
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Old 04-01-2008, 03:29 PM
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So glad the news is finally out... I could hardly contain myself! Just wait for my Prelude remix.

And the megacollab say whaaaaa?
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Samuel Spargur
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Bomb. diggity. That is all.

Click here to download the Gauntlet: Dark Legacy OST!
Posted with permission from DarkeSword and Zircon
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Old 04-01-2008, 03:41 PM
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David Hsu
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Dibs on all the non-sucky tracks.

Also, sweet cover art. DJP's skills grow by the day.

<Bleck> Neblix I will punch you in the soul

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Fuck you for trying to steal the thunder from my DKC 2 project!
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Old 04-01-2008, 03:50 PM
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Dustin Waldron
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What's this? My name not in the Remixer credits? After all the work I did? Fuck you all, I quit!

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[Insert Expletive] YES!

I really love the music for FF3. I'm glad to see it getting some exposure. Can't wait to see how you guys work with it.

EDIT: I can definitely help seed when the time comes.

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Old 04-01-2008, 03:55 PM
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Ghaleon (+2250)
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That is a very short time frame to work with. Especially if you want a 4 disk album.

AmIEvil? Really?

"I have yet to see an argument that will stand up to Christianity.... And believe me, I've looked." - Myself.
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My WIP was rejected...

I predict this project will fail anyway

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