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  2. Feels like zooming along thru an urban nightscape, Good Future indeed.
  3. I can try reaching out to Sir J and Tuberz if needed, just holler.
  4. We've gotten three WAVs from @Sixto, we've confirmed @OceansAndrew abandoned his track & won't be revisiting, and I'm pestering @Flexstyle about the status on his track. @Rexy has been assisting. For OA's track, the source is (apparently?) relatively popular/critical, so this might be one we want to fill in the gaps for...
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  6. Typically? A different rhythm guitar performance with different amp settings/amp model hard panned left and right. Lead guitar in the center. Pay attention to the bass and make it play nicely with the rhythms to give it depth and that typical low metal sound. Optionally you could look into quad tracking, but essentially it’s a variation of the above.
  7. The production value here is top notch. This is like Cosmic Star Heroine level awesome. Nice work Meteo! $5 is a friggin' steal x_x (good idea to let fans pay more though) Also, amazing vocal sample for track 3 "Aladdin Continent". E-guitar samples in track 4 are da bomb . I need me some quality like that... Shame that this project hasn't come into full fruition, but at least you have an awesome album to show for. Thanks for sharing Meteo
  8. Bought it. Happy to support the community :3 (haven't even listened yet) But I will do so when I slap 'em in my USB/car radio thingy. edit) Listened to Flight to Europa. This is some kick ass EDM/trance, reminds me of Contra: Shattered Soldier.
  9. Bought it. Perfect for Howlowe'en
  10. Thanks for feedback Pavos. I did some reworking on the sly on a few of the tracks (Luckily before anyone made a purchase), so may be worth taking another listen
  11. Hi! This is a pseudo-cover of the theme for Act 3 in Sonic Advance 3, Ocean Base. I already know what I can "improve" to make the track more musical but I'd like to hear your thoughts as well. Cheers! (Note: I posted this first in the wrong category of forums, but since my piece is a really loose remix and also has a lot of original material, I'm not sure whether I should delete my original post yet. Mods can delete the first one if they want.)
  12. Sounds like it would go great with other instruments as well
  13. Dam this is sick! I'm a sucker for anything jazz :3 but this is great. Kinda vaporwave too.
  14. I want to make metal. I know the answer to my question likely can be found on the internet, but I'd rather hear it from someone who does it rather than some random online article. SO I'd like to ask the members of the community here about their methods. I must point out that I am without an amp, using amp simulation effect plugins. These seem pretty cool, actually. I've been making various types of electronic music for several years, so don't worry about confusing me with terminology. I know more than basic mixing/mastering techniques as far as that goes. But guitars and rock/metal is completely alien to me in terms of mixing/mastering. So, my question: What do you do to get both left and right panned guitars to ring out clearly, both in stereo and mono?
  15. Better than the other post, Ice 7. Here it's simply more interesting... probably due to there being more dynamic instruments (some loud some soft).
  16. Good choice of instruments for each track's target style. Keep it up!
  17. Pleasing aesthetic, muoy epic.
  18. Good: I like the staccato piano, adds a 90's flavor to it Bad: Needs more variation in the arrangement, a choice between committing to blues solos or not, cleaner mixing Keep it up!
  19. You'll notice that someone else composed it, but I have remade a lot of Brent Bunn's (Bertn1991's) tunes. I'm probably going to remake some of them again, considering that I have improved greatly in mixing/mastering.
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  21. Here is a list oof places you can hear my original music: Enjoy, and as always: STAY EPIK!
  22. HAIL! I AM EPIKUS! I compose epic cinematic (virtual) orchestral scores, and sing opera (often with my scores). I have made covers of other epic pieces before, as well as metal songs, and of course my own original stuff. I'll make a post in Original Music soon to showcase what I have done, but suffice it to say, I have a couple of pieces/songs that have over 1 million views on YouTube. I hope to contribute to this community, and to find enjoyment therein. Thank you, and as always: STAY EPIK!
  23. Nathan, I have a similar micro niche. Epic or cinematic opera, I like to call it. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.
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