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  2. ok. i had a gameboy when i was 5 or 6, with just 2 games, tmnt 2 and dr. mario. i played and won the hardest level in dr. mario really early. i never beat the final boss in turtles. a friend of mine had megaman, which struck me as a particularily hard core game. don't think i finished a single stage, but then again i never had it for myself. i remember liking the music. when i was 11, i got a pocket game boy i pretty much exclusively played link's awakening on, often in school during breaks. thinking about it, i always got every console and very little games. my dad always liked gadgets, so he ended up buying them with me in mind, but he wasn't interested in getting me a lot of games. i had enough to play so i didn't complain. 2 game boys, 1 game gear, a mega drive, an old 386 with commander keen 1-6 among others, and finally my cherished snes.
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  4. Not expecting it to blow me away at all, but when that Squirtle came out of the water I squealed internally like I haven't since maybe the first Hobbit trailer like, 7 years ago.
  5. Can you allow downloads? Then I can try to get it on ThaSauce.
  6. Results time YorkshireLakeside gathered 9 points, but ends with the last place wooden spoon. TheVideoGamer collected 10 points and ends with second place. PlanarianHugger is the winner with 14 points!!. PlanarianHugger, you are the winner and may pick a source for PRC392. Send the source to me (with a MID/MP3 file, otherwise send a second source with a MID file) by PM, other options are PM me @ ThaSauce or by e-mailing to (I prefer a PM @Ocremix). Send your sources as fast as you can, but before next Monday (6 May 2019), 11:00 AM ThaSauce time (18:00 UTC, 19:00 GMT). You may select any source from any game, but not a source with an OverClocked remix or a source which has been used in PRC before. An overview of the past PRC's can be found in the following links (I recently updated this site): (also downloadable via the link above).
  7. yes imagine an album all work in the games of the series, not even to imagine the perfection of it, "use your head" tommy talarico would say kk. seriously as a fan would very much like someone to be willing to take such a project. would be very accomplished
  8. Lots of good music for it. Just keep in mind that a few of the EWJ tracks are Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata (multiple movements), so one wouldn't be able to submit those specific tracks to OCR specifically, but considering they're well inside public domain it'd be hilarious to hear remixes of those tracks on an album regardless, lol. Such strange games, such good OSTs, I definitely approve. If anyone gets those rolling, they should get in touch with Tommy Tallarico; he's namedropped OCR in VG concerts he's held in the past, he would probably super appreciate such a project.
  9. I could see this working. It needs an epic boss remix for ... Bob the Killer Goldfish, lol.
  10. Maaaaaaaybe slightly cautiously hopeful that it won't be as bad as I originally thought it might be. Maybe.
  11. $130 US is like, $170 CAN these days. That's a bit above my budget for games. But any way. GameBoy. 30 years.
  12. i paid around the same for a device to write on and load from cartridge 10 years ago, just to have backups in case my little sound dj cart connected via this huge pin connector the old printers used. and it was sloooow. $130 is not thaat much for such a niche product.
  13. Goes from $130 to $190, so... not quite multiple hundreds, but pretty damn close.
  14. I'm thinking, Earthworm Jim is a classical, eternal soundtracks for the great Tommy T. And why that great game, dosen't have a project album? Just like a fan, i here to suggest the ideia, we not have any album, little bit remixes, let me see how many fans we have for this ideia. Thanks
  15. Vlok

    Just a question

    maybe it's the chrome browser, I'll try to download another one to test, I've never had this problem with the downloads
  16. Vlok

    Just a question

    @Rozovian I tried with several remixes, from the most recent to the oldest, and the three mirrors are not downloading, I navigate through the chrome on my cell phone, I can not do it at all.
  17. I’ve done another slightly different mix if you want to add it as a bonus track... unless it allows me to do it. Just not sure because what I like might not be what other people like. Would be interested in feedback.
  18. I tested a little bit: I noticed the link having some issue for this track. I didn't get "waiting for network" but the track never loaded. I tried an older mix, and no problem there for that mirror: So it might be something with recent uploads on But you say all three links have this problem for you? Which remixes did you try this with? Do you have the same problem with old remixes and new ones? What phone OS, what browser? iOS, android? Safari, Firefox, Chrome, something else?
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  20. Don't bang me - I promise I'm up to date!
  21. I'll see if we can get one of those to the office..
  22. ??? They aren't that expensive. Not chump change, but not like hundreds of dollars either.
  23. Hello all - we got a remix of the super mario all stars game select theme. I've always loved it, and so here's a take on it for the upcoming Super Mario Maker 2.
  24. I've been looking into one of those, but holy fuck, the good carts are really expensive, and the cheaper carts are not recommended.
  25. That's called an "Everdrive and a 4GB miniSD card". C'mon, Nase, no company on Earth would release such a thing officially. It'd be impossible.
  26. Hello, I play the piccolo flute, usually golden sun music for personal enjoyment. I have some of my recordings uploaded to Soundcloud. Some tracks need to be re-recorded as I can get the quality to be better and also I've improved over the years technically speaking. I have created a playlist with some of my golden sun performances. I see that Lemuria hasn't been claimed and it's one of my favorite tracks. However, the only thing I can provide is the piccolo cover version of the tracks. I have no knowledge about music production and I usually need to read the music sheets. For any additional information feel free to contact me over soundcloud. Playlist Link:
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