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  2. The brass replacing the guitar makes that section MUCH more cohesive with the whole. Excellent!
  3. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  4. I swapped the guitar for two trombones and a bass trombone. Here's the updated track: What do you think?
  5. here is my interpretation song of one of my favorite ps2 games the jazzy soundtrack is so lovely as it inspired me to create my own vision to the feel of the game please enjoy
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  7. ver5 sure is sexy. Those adaptive waaoooohhh FX work really well, least for me. That's cool that you've sampled the sounds from the actual game. This is incredible work!
  8. thank you everyone for the wonderful and honest compliements ill admit some parts are loud but i didnt recognize it at the time so i will go over and carefully master the other parts of the track thank you once again!!! i will re upload soon
  9. Time for a 2nd remix of the dos game Skyroads (1993). yeah Road 8 Music was my fav and i love the melodies . the first version was then drum n bass and created in 2013 via mellow sonic. Now a little more faithful to the original. Enjoy
  10. OMG this is perfect for me. I do Trap versions of VGM. Mostly Sonic. Most of my mixes need a little more work tbh. I'm also learning to mix vocals (I just made a couple of tracks with an acapella from looperman). Hit me up (or check the above link) on Thursday to hear them.
  11. I kinda dig the synth replacing the guitar parts, though it has a sort of blaring quality that really contrasts with the flute. I suppose that isn't inherently a bad thing, but it may be worth seeing how it would sound if you tweaked it to be a little smoother to blend some more with the softer, organic parts. The percussion is really nice, though, good reverb there, and your synth parts add quite a bit of personality to the tune. Good to hear this song still going!
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  13. First time posting! Lena Raine's soundtrack is incredible and Exhale is probably one of my favourite tracks on the album. Transferring the melody to the flute part meant that I could play around a bit more with the piano accompaniment, in addition to playing around with the countermelody towards the end. Would love to hear your thoughts on it!
  14. Hi there! The album is now FULLY RELEASED!! You can listen to the full album or purchase it if you like here on the album site: Here you can see an ad for the album A Legend Through Times It's finally released ooff... it took me two years & a half to create this album, most of the times people dont know the amount of effort and time you put on something you do, but believe me, I lived through the worst period of my life during this process, but I never stopped, I just continued working on the album, until this day. In my mind I would like to keep working on it and improving it for years and years, but it had to have a release date, and I had to tell to my obsesive and perfeccionist side to finally be quiet, if not, I would probably never have released it. Despite of that, Im happy with the result, and if this album for things of life ends succeeding, I will continue it as planned, a full trilogy of albums that tells the legend of the Hero of Time #zelda #alegendthrougtimes #ocarinaoftime #oot #remix #music #legendofzelda #botw #botw2 #linksawakening #nintendoswitch #n64 #nintendo64 #retrogaming #gaming #majorasmask #zeldamusic #windwaker #twilightprincess #skywardsword
  15. This creepy tune is what all true warrior's strive for!! Hmm...I wonder what's for DINNER.
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