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  2. Don't bang me - I promise I'm up to date!
  3. I'll see if we can get one of those to the office..
  4. ??? They aren't that expensive. Not chump change, but not like hundreds of dollars either.
  5. Hello all - we got a remix of the super mario all stars game select theme. I've always loved it, and so here's a take on it for the upcoming Super Mario Maker 2.
  6. I've been looking into one of those, but holy fuck, the good carts are really expensive, and the cheaper carts are not recommended.
  7. That's called an "Everdrive and a 4GB miniSD card". C'mon, Nase, no company on Earth would release such a thing officially. It'd be impossible.
  8. Hello, I play the piccolo flute, usually golden sun music for personal enjoyment. I have some of my recordings uploaded to Soundcloud. Some tracks need to be re-recorded as I can get the quality to be better and also I've improved over the years technically speaking. I have created a playlist with some of my golden sun performances. I see that Lemuria hasn't been claimed and it's one of my favorite tracks. However, the only thing I can provide is the piccolo cover version of the tracks. I have no knowledge about music production and I usually need to read the music sheets. For any additional information feel free to contact me over soundcloud. Playlist Link:
  9. God damn Mega Man... who uses a calendar with with variable years?
  10. a gameboy with all games ever released on GB would be such an epic item. it's going to be done once the copyrights don't interest anyone anymore...sometime in 20XX.
  11. Since it is now April 21st in Japan (see, proof the Earth isn't flat. fight me!), that means the GameBoy is now 30 years old. It's been a long, fun ride for those of us that kept our GameBoys and games. Speaking of... Here's hoping Nintendo gets around to releasing a GameBoy Classic console, in the vein of the NES and SNES Classics.
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  13. Vlok

    Just a question

    so it is that I am from Brazil, and here already appearing this message of "waiting for the network" but in any connection that I use, wi fi no matter the place appears this. I do my downloads by mobile device, and in the three download links this message appears as if it were preventing the download. I've never had this problem before to download and now this is appearing it.Please if you know anything about.
  14. Sounds great for a first attempt at production. I'm not an expert in EQ myself, but EQ doesn't seem to be a problem in the current track. Unfortunately, I think that's because everything is a little quiet (not fully brought out). I'd recommend just playing around with EQ settings to try and get something that sounds best to you while not exceeding certain limits. FL Studio is a great DAW for production, imo.
  15. Found! MnP1 Final Fantasy VII MindWanderer - Nail Bat Thanks MindWanderer!
  16. Gonna have to get more specific than that. What's specifically happening when you try to download? What browser and OS are you using?
  17. Anyone knows what happening with the remixes of site ? I can't use any mirror to download a mix just all mirrors dosen't do the download. Anyone knows how they fix it ? @djpretzel @Liontamer
  18. Having just completed Hollow Knight this hits home for me! I've been looking forward to more of Rebecca's work since adding Tales of Phantasia "Magical Forest Medley" to my playlist.
  19. Thanks for the feedback LT! Dang, I was hoping to have shown some improvement with my mechanical sounding instruments. I'm hoping to actually be able to record me playing, instead of just arranging the notes in FL, but I still have a long way to go until I'm comfortable enough. I'll keep working on it though.
  20. Submitted entry!... not sure of the final result but only time will tell
  21. Ack! realised i missed something important in the MIDI. Re-upload for those interested. You will see a difference if you compare.
  22. We're proceeding with this action for all videos and will see how it goes; we are equally concerned about diversifying support for the site AND also the promotion/marketing angle, since we believe YouTube highlights monetized content more aggressively (or, if you prefer, tends to de-emphasize non-monetized content)
  23. Oh heck yes! I wasn't familiar with this game's soundtrack but I do love me some good AJG <3 still waiting for someone to remix The Smurfs' Nightmare hahaha This remix is really well done! Kind of gives me a vibe of a futuristic-vibed old school adventure, and the vocoder has a really interesting texture that compliments the rest of the smoother stabby synths. Great job!
  24. Oh boy. I feel very compelled to do something for this Finnish Amiga classic.
  25. so good to see there's people out there still trying to do big things with the secret of mana tracks. got a little teary eyed when i saw the whole youtube arrangement. great treatment of individual tunes, with some good and some so-so transitions. i (partly) realize the extreme work that must go into arranging, coordinating and mixing's an accomplishment in itself. it works as a megamedley. it's pleasant to listen to for sure. but of course, it meanders and lacks a greater development over 30 minutes. i think you could do incredible stuff if you focus a little less on cramming every tune you like in the soundtrack in there and see how you can expand the whole soundtrack with more involved, dynamic arranging (less 'next tune', more 'what does this need as a 30 minute piece'). of course, this multiplies the already staggering amount of work great work, and i see you've done similar things with other OSTs. i think megamedleys are cool, but they can be so much greater when you break up the 'tune after tune' formula at some point and go wild.
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