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  1. 9 hours ago, Ronald Poe said:

    As I expected, I lost but at least I gave it my best. Congratulations Ghetto Lee Lewis, I feel you deserve the win and are a truly great remixer. You should remaster "Poke And Tear" and maybe extend it (it should have all 3 sources though). I feel it's a near-masterpiece and better than about 45% of the remixes that made it on the site. 

    only 45%?  I thought you said it was better than most :P

  2. 23 hours ago, Ronald Poe said:

    I thought it was too repetitive as well (to be fair, "Xehanort Theme" is very repetitive and loopy) and the bassline was entirely original. I'm fine with you fleshing it out but the way the three were blended perfectly. It was a near-masterpiece of remixing and deserves to be on the site. Please just be conservative with what you have (it's more than good enough). 

    I still have a lot to learn and would like some pointers. 



    To be fair I'd rather wait until after the compo is over.  Since arranging and mixing is such a complex process feel free to ask me specific questions or even just get general feedback on another mix and I'll try my best to help.

  3. Your song sounded like a 10 second loop, and I couldn't distinguish the sources very well.  Maybe there's something I'm missing in the bass-line since I don't have a sub plugged in.

    And by Doom 4 yes I meant the reboot.  I'm glad you enjoyed my song, but I probably wouldn't submit it as-is.  I'd probably narrow it down to one or two themes, clean it up a bit and flesh out the arrangement more.

  4. 8 hours ago, Ronald Poe said:

    Is Leliana (Dragon Age: Origins) a total badass and/or antihero (could you explain what you mean)? I've never played said game but I'm sure it's a good RPG. Xehanort is a master manipulator and you're probably just playing into his hands.

    In all seriousness, good luck (I've also sent my entry) and may the better man win.

    Well I don't want to spoil too much of the series, but in short, to answer your question, yes, sort of both.  Some of the situations Leliana overcomes are outright horrific, yet the outcomes only make her stronger.  She's a complex character who continually evolves throughout the Dragon Age series (part of her character development also has to do with the actions you take during the course of the games).  Also, good luck trying to manipulate Leliana.  (small spoiler) part of the backstory she's involved in espionage, so she's very familiar with manipulation tactics.


    My last post was actually referencing a quote from Doom 4.  I've been thoroughly enjoying this masterpiece of a game the last few days, which definitely inspired my mix this round.  =)

  5. On 7/20/2016 at 7:31 AM, Ronald Poe said:

    I'm so happy to be a finalist and even if I lose, I'll have no regrets. I will still compose electronic music and remix with all the effort and heart I can muster. I'll put up a good fight and hope you do the same, Ghetto Lee Lewis. 

    Here's a sample of my style. 


    Have a great day.

    Edit: I love the twist involving Porky (Earthbound/Mother 3). It's hilarious to imagine Xehanort working for him.

    That's a fun little remix you got.  Here, I'll post one of mine from last year's RRPC that isn't representive of my style at all :D

    Good luck and may the funk be with you.

  6. On 6/15/2016 at 1:21 PM, FenixDown said:

    They should be the same. The only difference is that I didn't include the party members in the first post when I made the edits at the start of the round. The party members are an optional character theme to use in place of the theme you signed up with. In your case, your round source is Dying Village from Breath of Fire, and your party member is Meena and Maya (Gypsy’s Journey) from Dragon Warrior IV which you may use instead of Leliana's Song if you want. Sorry for the confusion, I hope that cleared things up. I'm going to add the party members into the first post later today and hopefully that'll help.

    Their names were Mara and Nara in the version I played.  Dragon Quest is always so inconsistent with their character names.


    Anyway, I just submitted.  Thanks for the extension.  I've been so frigging busy lately I couldn't finish anything last week.

  7. On 6/6/2016 at 7:23 AM, FenixDown said:

    Hero Bracket Round Two: A Kingdom in Ruin

    The second round of the Hero Bracket has begun. This week’s sources are based on towns and castles that have been taken over or wiped out by enemies. The match ups and sources for round two are:

    @Garpocalypse (Ramza) and @Touchstone (Ib) and @Chernabogue (Isaac) : These Feelings ~ Cursed Trodain Theme - Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

    @alfredofreak (Ayla) and @Xenonetix (Terra) and @Ghetto Lee Lewis (Leliana) : Dying Village - Breath of Fire

    Now that we have reached round two, the Party System has unlocked! Each participant has been randomly given an additional character source theme that they may use in place of the one they signed up with. The use of party members is entirely optional. Only you may use the party member you are assigned. Here are the party members assigned to our heroes:

    Garpocalypse: Alec (Alec’s Theme) from Arc the Lad III

    Touchstone: Flonne (Do Your Best, Girl!) from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

    Ghetto Lee Lewis: Meena and Maya (Gypsy’s Journey) from Dragon Warrior IV

    Xenonetix: Dekar (The Strongest Man) from Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

    alfredofreak: Vyse (Vyse's Theme) from Skies of Arcadia

    Chernabogue: Aigis (Heartful Cry) from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES

    Heroes will have until noon EDT on Monday, June 13 to submit their mixes to me.

    Good luck heroes!

    So are these the themes for this round, or is it the stuff on page one?  I'm a bit confused.  and yeah I was too busy to work on anything last week.

  8. It's Eino's round, so his call :) I know more or less what he has in mind, and I think it could be an appropriate but unexpected response, even if it prolly won't have raps, and the subtleness of the response might be a bit lost on these raging rappers ;)


    You did notice the Rickroll when I dissed you guys, right?  I wanted to return the favor after getting Rickrolled every single week by your team. Look closely at the lyrics  :razz:

  9. Dem epic rap battle! Maverick Astley, doing things untold, so be afraid you'll again get rickrolled :)

    The Astley reference definitely perked up my ears, looking forward to the full lyrics!






    verse 1:


    I'm back in the lab while I brew a new gab
    with this lyrical jab, concocting a dab
    of this and that shit that's so fat that
    the rest will sound flat while they look at
    just how many addicts we make every day. 
    They can't keep away it's like crack or cocaine.
    Am I really okay or am I insane
    but my drug is this music it eases my pain.
    I'd take a syringe and shoot straight to my veins,
    but unfortunately I can't get it quickly
    enough so just hit me.  Bear with me I'm sickly
    from listening day in and day out to music
    I can't get to leave. So is it just me, 
    or did we hijack this whole compo spontaneously?
    But seriously, these myths we create will be legendary.
    It's scary just how far we've come in these weeks,
    becoming so viral we spread to the streets,
    with just a few beats from the myth lab.
    Rock Hard Mandrills, 
    Bringing it down,
    Rock your body,
    To our hard sound,
    Verse 2:
    We go triple bard when our mixes bombard,
    straight from the yard they call us rock hard,
    we're the man drills, we got mad skills.
    Bringing dope ass tunes from the streets to the hills
    so listen to the sound, while we bring the house down,
    we don't mess around our lyrics are profound,
    when this whole thing is over who you think will get crowned?
    cause it's not gonna be just anybody
    Well let me see, who else could it be
    who, maverick ashtley? They do the same thing 
    what, every single week? Comeon don't get hurt
    but the Rick roll, it gets old.
    I never wanna lie, just let truth be told.
    We won't let you down watch our legend unfold
    You don't have to cry man up and be bold,
    so lemme say goodbye you punks just got trolled.
    Verse 3:
    Will Rock here with another clean rap
    The Rock Hard Mandrills don't give a crap
    As we make musical songs on OC Remix
    with lots and lots of really really cool tricks
    We've got Ghetto Lee Lewis on the keys
    And I rock shredding my guitar with ease
    Jason Covenant brings the big epic choirs
    And all of us together.........????
    Man, Will really lost it at the end.  The guy has some anger issues I guess.   :razz:


    Usually its easiest to focus on the bass. When I hum the beginning into a tuner I get a D. It could change after the intro though. Only way to really know is figure out all the notes though and look at the scales to see if all the transcribed notes fit for the section you are looking at.


    Here is a useful link.


    Do the notes fit on any of these scales (Since you think it is F)?

    PS: To all the veteran musicians. Is this good advice / terrible advice? Do I know what I'm doing? I don't want to steer people wrong but if my system is wrong or can be improved I'd love to be enlightened.

    F Major F G A A# C D E F natural minor F G G# A# C C# D# F harmonic minor F G G# A# C C# E F melodic minor F G G# A# C D E F major pentatonic F G A C D F minor pentatonic F G# A# C D# F blues F G# A# B C D# F minor blues F G G# A# B C C# D# F major blues F G G# A A# B C D D# F augmented F G A B C# D# F diminished F G G# A# B C# D E F Phrygian-Dominant F F# A A# C C# D# F Dorian F G G# A# C D D# F Phrygian F F# G# A# C C# D# F Lydian F G A B C D E F Mixolydian F G A A# C D D# F Locrian F F# G# A# B C# D# F jazz melodic minor F G G# A# C D E F Dorian b2 F F# G# A# C D D# F Lydian augmented F G A B C# D E F Lydian b7 F G A B C D D# F Mixolydian b13 F G A A# C C# D# F Locrian #2 F G G# A# B C# D# F super Locrian F F# G# A B C# D# F whole half diminished F G G# A# B C# D E F half whole diminished F F# G# A B C D D# F enigmatic F F# A B C# D# E F double harmonic F F# A A# C C# E F Hungarian minor F G G# B C C# E F Persian F F# A A# B C# E F Arabian F G A A# B C# D# F Japanese F F# A# C C# F Egyptian F G A# C D# F Hirajoshi F G G# C C#



    You didn't list the F chromatic scale.  What you listed only covers tonal music and doesn't include modulations or chromatic melodies.   :razz:



    FYI though the song is in D minor with quite a lot of chromatic stuff going on.

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