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  4. Hey all! First time poster here so I hope I do this right! When Sonic Generations came out years ago one of my favorite aspects of the game was that all of the Sonic stages within it received both "classic" and "modern" remixes. I thought it would be fun to take Sylvania Castle Zone from Sonic 4 Episode II and try to remix it in the style of the classic stages from Sonic Generations. Here's the original song for reference: And here's my version: I think it sounds okay so far but I thought it would be helpful to get some other people's opinions on it. I also feel like there's something...missing. I can't put my finger on it but it feels like it needs something to give it more energy like the Generations remixes had. I appreciate any and all feedback! EDIT: For some reason I think the google drive link is broken. Here's a SoundCloud link if the other one isn't working:
  5. In no manner what so ever, does this jovial, light-hearted piece of muzac titled, "One Girl in All the World," remind me of Samus Aran or any music from any Metroid game, let alone Super Metroid. Honestly speaking, did the composer, "The Wingless," just make up a cute, sweet sounding musical ditty without even trying to correlate the tempo, notes, keys to any music of the game; and tell the audience that you ought to be reminded of Brinstar's theme from Super Metroid.
  6. As always Rozo is the master! Just want to clarify something. Panning hard/soft/fantastic, record/write 2-100 different tracks, doesn't necessary makes your gtrs "ring out clearly". Actually you can make one single guitar track sound "ring out clearly". Synth/samples stuff works in a different way, they sounds "ring out clearly" from the begining. This makes sense if we remember the question: " both in stereo and mono?" All you need is to focus at amp and cabinet settings, but don't forget about drums and bass. The trick is that the bass and drums make ~30% of your guitar sound. In other words, if bass sounding doesn't fit the gtr, so as and drums, you'll have a disbalance in your soundscape. Buried gtrs/bass/drums or other unpleasant stuff. Sorry for my english, if i said something wierd.
  7. I'm interested. Not sure how the scheduling will work out but I'm sure we can figure something out.
  8. This isn't specific to metal guitars. The basic idea of it is to have different signals panned opposite to get that wide sound. To experiment with the effect, use a synth, duplicate it, hardpan them. Unless there's some randomization in it, it'll sound mono. Then if you even slightly alter one of their pitches, it'll go wide. Changing other settings on the synth (eg waveform or filter) will give you a different frequency distribution left and right. This is probably not what you want for this effect, but it's good to try to hear what it does to the stereo image. Because human hearing is better at picking out direction from higher frequencies than from lower, you can eq out the lows from your hardpanned sounds and have a copy (also similarly altered in pitch) panned mid. The mid synth will provide the low frequencies cut from the others, but they'll still contribute width. You can also experiment with track levels, have the mid synth louder or softer than the side ones. Even if the signal is the same, you can modify it. With two synths sounding exactly the same, hardpanned, you can put a slow chorus on one of them to make it different. Many effects shift the waveform in interesting ways. While this isn't as good as multiple tight guitar performances, or even duplicated synths subtly pitched apart, it's still doing the same outcome: giving you a different signal left and right. Put different amp sims on the left and right signal and you'll have even more of a difference. While working with virtual instruments, you can also subtly randomize note timing. This will (obviously) make the two tracks different. This might give you the Haas effect, where subtle timing differences in otherwise identical signals make you think the sound is coming from a particular direction. Not a bad thing necessarily, but I wouldn't use this trick alone. It's a nice addition to synth/sampler doubling though. An inverted signal is the most different a signal you can get. This sounds like a good idea, but when the channels are summed (as might happen in some mono listening situations), the instrument just disappears. Positive copy completely negates and is negates by the negative copy. It's a good trick to be aware of, because together with the other tricks it might be useful. But it's a dangerous one to use on its own. Even if you distort the two signals differently, you'll likely have the lows and much of the mids completely gone if summed. If the left and right signals are different, you can use the same amp settings and still get a wide sound. But differences in the amp sim make the signals more different, so it's good to use different settings there too. In summary: Different signals. Record multiple, if possible. Make different with plugins otherwise. Use duplicated samplers/synths with slightly different pitch otherwise. Pan opposite. Use other tricks if needed/wanted. Distort. Enjoy width. Summary summarized: Hardpanning broadens differences.
  9. Nice work, dude. I'mma get this at some point. A quick skim through and I know there's some tracks I like, like Cyborg Stardust Journey. Nice chill sound on that one. I also like Hobo Cavemen. So that's at least two, from just some quick skim-listening.
  10. I gotta buy it and give it a proper listen later, but after a quick skim through the tracks I can already say there's some good percussion stuff in some of them. Good choices for loops/writing/whatever. And a cool overall sound. Here's hoping the game itself manifests, and I'll echo the "awesome album to show for" sentiment. Nice work, dude.
  11. Hello, I've tried the demo and it's pretty sick, but I want more opinions on this, preferably from experienced guitarists. thanks iosman
  12. I don't know how to use this message board to its max, but I wanted to thank you. But it's not my composition. I only wrote the percussion and carried out sound design and mixing. If you click the link to the original song on the page, you can hear how the composer made it. IMO it's definitely got that SNES feel, but perhaps not Chrono Trigger. As far as your mixing, try EQ'ing your instruments a little more tightly. Lately I just throw a low pass and high pass filter on every instrument (even the bass) to take out unwanted frequencies and get a cleaner mix. Having filters restricted to different ranges for each instrument (even if they overlap) can give you a cleaner mix. Be careful, though. You could easily end up with a tinny (yet muffled) mix. That other piece I'd like to hear. I love metal and hard rock, so throw it on me.
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  14. 1) I agree with your criticism of how the guitar sits in the mix. After having listened to the track a few dozen times without headphones, I realized that I should have either raised the volume on the guitar track, or at least panned it to the left so that it could be isolated from the rest of the mix. At the time, I felt that the guitar was overpowering the horns and violin, which are the parts of the arrangement that I want most to stand out, but that may not have been the most effective choice. Funny enough, I have a Sagat remix that also incorporates horns and violins, but because I wanted the guitar to be prominent, I had no problem with allowing it to drown out the other instruments, and the end result is arguably better from a mixing standpoint. 2) I'm going to take another crack at the project, and see if I can get a better guitar tone, and mix. If not, then I'll happily take up your offer! 3) Your original composition is nice! Reminds me of Chrono Trigger, if its score were a trap album.
  15. Go for it, I say. The ladder effect is something that happens on the SEGA Genesis/Megadrive sound chip when the voltage of the sound wave approaches zero. It gives off some rather interesting timbres. The Wikipedia article about this is quite informative and explains it well. They even have a clip of the Streets of Rage intro on the page to demonstrate.
  16. since the tag feature isn't working for me, besides remixers I need: (Assistant Director), (Album Art / Website)
  17. please note: you do not have to use the genres or styles I put in the examples. Story of Kings Project Proposal GAME NAME(S): Final Fantasy XV ALBUM CONCEPT:Different musical styles tell of the reigns Different Kings. How it works: pick a track, pick a monarch(2 tracks per monarch), pick a style.(some ideas: ancient, biblical, early, Medieval,Renaissance, Baroque, classical, Romantic, or modern example links below) Up to three different versions of each source is allowed PERSONNEL: GSO (Project Director), (Assistant Director), (Album Art / Website) TIMELINE: TBD TRACKLIST: Episode Ardyn: Ardyn Main Theme (Prayer of the Oracle) Angelgard battle Memories Besithia’s Lab Besithia’s Lab(Battle) My Calling Declaration Niflheim rises Founders Festival Insomnia Guardian Boss King Regis Somnus - The final battle Brother Resist your fate Ardyn’s Madness Ardyn's rest Final Fantasy XV: Disc 1 1 Somnus (Instrumental Version) 2 Departure 3 Broken Down 4 Hammerhead 5 Wanderlust 6 Encroaching Fear 7 Stand Your Ground 8 Relax and Reflect 9 Day’s End Fanfare 10 Horizon 11 Safe Haven 12 Lurking Danger 13 Hunt or Be Hunted 14 Cindy 15 Urban Chrome 16 A Quick Pit Stop 17 Love Lost 18 Galdin Quay 19 Ardyn 20 The Aggressors 21 Nox Aeterna 22 The Hunters 23 What Lies Within 24 Daemons 25 Bros on the Road 26 Fantastica! Disc 2 1 The Niflheim Empire 2 Veiled in Black 3 Valse Di Fantastica 4 Crystalline Chill 5 What a Hoot 6 Blues De Chocobo 7 Reel Rumble 8 The Fight Is On! 9 Lestallum 10 Welcome to the Leville 11 Unsettling Aura 12 Don’t Panic! 13 Apocalypsis Noctis 14 Cosmogony 15 Melancholia 16 A Premonition 17 Nox Divina 18 Labyrinthine 19 Flying R 20 Imperial Infiltration 21 Veiled in Black (Arrangement) 22 Invidia 23 Sorrow Without Solace Disc 3 1 Sunset Waltz 2 Disquiet 3 Omnis Lacrima 4 Rodeo De Chocobo 5 Listen Up 6 Creeping Shadows 7 Impending Peril 8 Up for the Challenge 9 Cape Caem 10 Cape Caem – Our New Home 11 Cape Caem – Hidden Harbor 12 Bros on the Road II 13 Noctis 14 Over the Waves 15 Altissia 16 Altissia – Gondola Ride 17 Welcome to the Royal Suite 18 Starlit Waltz 19 Prayer De Luna 20 No Time Left 21 Song of the Stars 22 The Hydraean’s Wrath 23 Ardyn II 24 Luna 25 Apocalypsis Aquarius Disc 4 1 Broken Bonds 2 Dining Car 3 Cartanica 4 Relax and Reflect – Pensive 5 Careening into Danger 6 Tenebrae 7 Horrors of the Night 8 End of the Road 9 An Empire in Ruins 10 Ravus Aeterna 11 In the Light of the Crystal 12 A World Unwaking 13 Neverending Nightmare 14 Homecoming 15 Hammerhead – The Last Bastion 16 Somnus 17 Hellfire 18 Magna Insomnia 19 Dawn 20 Somnus Ultima 21 Dewdrops at Dawn 22 Main Theme from Final Fantasy Final Fantasy XV Volume 2: Tracklisting 1. Shield of the King – Theme of EPISODE GLADIOLUS 2. Steeling My Resolve 3. Taelpar Crag 4. The Spirits Converge 5. The Trials of the Shield 6. Battle on the Big Bridge (EPISODE GLADIOLUS Version) 7. Of Muscle and Mettle 8. Scar on My Pride 9. A Frozen Soul 10. Prompto’s Solitude 11. Beckoned by Darkness 12. Orbital Instability (Extended Mix) 13. Trigger 14. Coffee and Contemplation 15. Where None Dare Tread 16. Helix of Insanity 17. Lost in the Snow 18. The Fire Within 19. Identity 20. Moving Forward 21. Sound of My Heart 22. Face the Music 23. In a Trance 24. Crazy Motorsleigh 25. Orbital Instability 26. Aberrant Experiment 27. Sins of the Father 28. My Life to Live 29. Home Sweet Home – Theme of EPISODE PROMPTO 30. Descent into Darkness 31. Choosing Hope – City of Light 32. Hunters’ Haven 33. Hunting for a Thrill 34. On the Defensive 35. Urgent Mission 36. The Clock Is Ticking 37. A Daunting Challenge 38. COMRADES Fanfare 39. Cheers! 40. Let There Be Light 41. Lodes of Fun 42. Rise and Shine 43. A Clash of Swords 44. The Wrath of Swords 45. Choosing Hope 46. NOCTIS – Those Who Follow 47. EPISODE IGNIS – The Main Theme 48. Stress in Solitude 49. Spelldaggers 50. Altissia Under Siege 51. Rest Up, Ignis 52. The Bladed Tactician 53. Clash on the Waves 54. A United Front 55. To Each Their Calling 56. A Tear-Stained Sword 57. Theme of RAVUS 58. Forbidden Flames 59. The Blazing Tactician 60. Badge of Honor 61. A Lightless Journey 62. Ardyn III 63. As Friend and Brother 64. Become the Fire 65. Captive in Cobalt 66. Ashes to Ashes 67. Wicked Laughter 68. My Humblest Desire 69. Apocalypsis Magnatus 70. Over the Waves – At Anchor 71. Bismarck, God of the Sea 72. Dirt Track Trials 73. Return of the King 74. A Warm Welcome 75. Insomnia Ablaze 76. Veiled in Black (Insomnia Arrangement) 77. Omega 78. Omega – Limit Break 79. Cerberus 80. Advent of the Apocalypse 81. Es it foron! – A Prayer 82. Encelevenemus – Kingly Compassion 83. The Founder King’s Hope 84. Moonlit Melodies 1. What’s the Plan? 2. Raid on Gralea 3. Daemons – Heart of Evil 4. Daemons – Eternal Darkness 5. FINAL FANTASY XV – World of Wonder 6. Braver 7. Easy Rider 8. Gone 9. EZ Dub & Bass 10. Gliding Along 11. Arroyo Bello 12. Afrosword 13. Party Around the World 14. Ravus’s Last Moments 15. War of the Astrals 16. Shiva’s Wish 17. True Love 18. I Promise 19. Moogle Chocobo Carnival! 20. Carnival of Lights 21. Fireworks Finale 22. Vision of the Dawn 23. Your Friendly Neighborhood Assassin 24. Assassin’s Festival 25. Time Well Spent 26. The Hunt 27. Man on a Mission 28. Everything Is Permitted 29. Festival de Chocobo 30. The Murky Depths 31. Trident 32. A Convergence of Winds 33. Welcome Home 34. Eosian Glory 35. Reel Rumble – MONSTER of the DEEP 36. Reel Rumble – WHOPPER of the DEEP 37. Go for the Gold! 38. In Search of Adventure 39. Reel Rumble – DAEMON of the DEEP 40. Into the Abyss 41. Trident – The Ancient Scourge 42. A Narrow Escape 43. Welcome Home – Journey’s End REMIXERS: More info in the PDFA Story of Kings_ a tribute to Final Fantasy XV.pdf Legend open claimed complete wav'd
  18. Pad quality is dope. Love the swoll swelling. Synthwork is cool. Arps sound dope. Square-lead/support is sexy. Overall good. One gripe... I think the snare samples can be reduced by 1.4 db or something. They falcon-punch through the mix* a LITTLE too loud, especially for this genre of music imo. Good shtuff otherwise. Oh and the cymbol hit is a bit too loud too.
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