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  1. I tried what I usually do with X-Men movies. Forget whatever I know about the comics and try to enjoy the movie. The action was nice, but then came the portrayal of Deadpool and it was just terrible. TERRIBLE. You can't forget Deadpool and accept what they did to him.
  2. Same, never tried any of the others due to the singles that came out afterwards not being to my liking. Mainly MOP's "My Own Prison", "What's This Life For" and "One" and Human Clay had decent intro tracks, but I remember "Faceless Man" being pretty good. Never really cared for Higher or Arms Wide Open I'm also in the same boat of not being able to like Nickelback. Not even one song.
  3. I should be good for $50 again this year. Will do when I get home tonight.
  4. No mention yet of the game where you shoot lasers out of your crotch. It's very similar to Jill of the Jungle so if you liked that you should probably give it a go
  5. Bump with a bit of an update It seems that Crytek bought Free Radical.
  6. From the Sinistral of Terror, Daos, comes "You little hoochees!" Frightened yet? Terrified!?
  7. The oldest ninjas in time of course. They invented the whole thing and got all the babes. And yes, they killed the devil. Not to mention whenever they swing their club giant wheels of stone suddenly fly out killing everything in their path.
  8. There's two hidden bosses. You have to beat the game once for them to appear, and they only appear on the next playthrough. One shows up at the paladin shrine after the Giant of Bab-il, and the other is in the Moon face I think. That one is severely difficult though.(Oh yeah, you also need Dark Matter which is stolen from Zeromus)
  9. I let Dave form his new republic there
  10. So I've found myself listening to Unknown Origin alot and was looking around OCR for more of k-wix's work and only found one, and it was collab. You really should submit more, k-wix. That track has been playing alot now on my player. Very nice work.
  11. For Coop, Fraxy It's like Warning Forever except for there's a ton of different bosses that come with it, and you can create your own and share them. Really nice gameplay. You'll want to grab fraxy_20081118e.zip (1.66MB) (English only) Pretty small file size too.
  12. Terrible...there goes my favorite FPS multiplayer series.
  13. I like to use this one http://fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1250 Because it doesn't make sense to not be able to repair your schematics items with the parts you used to build it.
  14. Wow this is very well done. You guys put in some awesome work! Blind's added bonus track is excellent too. Well done.
  15. Cecilff2

    Mega Duck

    Well made 31/69. Can't believe I missed CD-i and Sega CD. Besides the mega duck you mentioned, the furthest down the %guessed I made it was 9.6% with the Vectrex. That mega duck is terrible though. Also known as Cougar Boy in the US. Hahaha, confuse the consumer for great profit! PS don't try the Wonderswan or Wonderswan color, you'll only waste your time.
  16. Welcome to Andale! Voted the best town in the USA! Every man should work to bring home supper for his family. I made it through that with the speech check. I had very high speech and even then that was the first speech check that wasn't at 100%. Somewhere around 70% instead I think. Their basement can be used to get a good bit of cave fungus if you want. Plenty of meat. Also...I love Vault 108.
  17. Your best bet is to fast travel the moment they leave and wait a week. During that time make sure the area near the Washington Monument has no enemies in it. It takes them a long time to finally show up, but as long as you're not there to witness them, they can't get hurt(Or maybe they're both dead and not dead until you observe them at the memorial). They reach the place by themselves pretty well.
  18. Samus and her bounty hunter allies are scouring planet (random letter)-(random numbers) when suddenly her allies are kidnapped by space pirates! Now instead of finding powerups, you find the other bounty hunters(Who each have their own beam)! Ok thats just terrible. I would like to see a return of the different metroid stages though ala Metroid II. Omega Metroids are neat, glad they had one in Fusion.
  19. Cecilff2

    Mother 3

    The only ones I'm able to combo 16 on so far are the enemies that have the slow beat which progresses to slightly faster, then slightly faster, and so on until it's got a good tempo. Also I love the carpet monster battle music(And all other monsters with that related music).
  20. I got mine yesterday as well. I don't remember choosing them but apparently I got two. I'm using the green one with Amaterasu and Waka as the new cover, and the one with the field may become a poster or something.
  21. You know, the ending can change based on some of your actions.
  22. Metroid 2 for the gameboy. Mainly cause I was young when I played it. If I suspected a metroid was in a room I'd edge slowly through it(They didn't attack until they were in full view). If there was one I turned around and went somewhere else. They just freaked me out too much. Needless to say, I didn't beat it until quite a few years later.
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