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  1. My music education skills have solved your problem. Blow INTO the flute, not at it. Ok, bad joke aside, here's what might help. First, take only the head joint (the thinger you blow into, not the other two parts with keys). Place the hole directly over your lips (centered), then roll the entire thing down until the hole is roughly parallel. That's the basic placement. Next, think that you're sucking on a strand of spaghetti. That's a very basic embouchure. Blow across the hole (not really in, as I said earlier). Try adjusting things to make it work. It takes practice, and flute is one of the harder instruments to first learn how to play. If that doesn't work, there might be other factors that are affecting things. Like, your lips might not be suited to play. Larger/smaller lips make placement different, and if you have a teardrop embouchure you might be screwed. Good luck.
  2. The only thing I'm looking forward to see (can't wait, actually) is The Golden Compass. But that's a ways away (December I believe).
  3. I was originally intending to do the jiggly as a joke, and then Prophet did that awesomeness with it. I'm all for using it as an interlude, or whatever.
  4. Covers aren't terribly hard to do, I've got a couple under my belt. Audacity works well, because you can import a track as a referrence, mute it, remove it, etc. Similarly, you get a nice visual image of the voices so you can line stuff up easily.
  5. Well, I woulda humped your leg too, but I'm shy like that. Goddamn this song is teh sex.
  6. I'm impressed, but it seems a bit literal to me. Still a nice arrangement.
  7. Sorry, bad wording. Timing as in I'm really busy right now.
  8. When breathing, I make sure my mouth is in a shape like I would be saying "hope". If you breathe in noisily, that usually means you're not doing it right. Breaths should be fast and fill your lungs. Make sure, however, that you aren't scrunching up your shoulders when you do so. Fill your stomach first, then up towards your chest, expanding a bit there (what naturally expands, don't force it). Anything that's going to cause unnecessary tightness will affect your tone. For example, if you tighten your fists when you talk, your voice starts to take a darker, angrier tone. For range, try starting on a higher note, and sing down in a pattern. "so fa mi re do" works (G F E D C for example), holding out the do. The point is to get a good tone on the last note, and it's easier to do that if you start high. Working up to a note makes it easier to strain and also makes it feel like climbing a mountain. Go up a half step and repeat. I'm definately looking for tips on strengthening sound, but one thing I know is that the placement of the sound can effect your projection. Try imagining your mouth in numbers, with 1 being at your lips, or past it, and 5 being the back of your throat. Try singing, feeling the sound at each number. Have someone listen to you and tell you where you sound best, both in projection and timbre. Just some of what I've picked up, but in no ways the best advice out there. Give your teacher a couple weeks, I'm sure they need a bit to see what you can do before they really start teaching.
  9. I play trumpet. But. I'm seriously out of practice. And. As I said before, not sure what my timing would be like.
  10. Count me in as interested, but I can't be sure if I'll have time to do it. Started a new job and all.
  11. I really like what was done with this track. Great expansion on the mood of the original.
  12. Pretty sweet track. Not my favorite genre, but something I can listen to and enjoy. Needs more ending, though.
  13. Holy crap I really want to know what the third midi is, because I used to have it on my computor (mislabled as something from FF8 ). I haven't heard that in years.
  14. Congratulations! It's amazing to see life created, isn't it? I can't imagine what it's like to create life, though. It definately has to be undescribable. BTW, I haven't forgotten about your mix!
  15. I wrote some lyrics to Zelda's Lullaby a couple years ago, and did a recording of it acappella about a year ago. It's certainly nothing special, and boy does that song have a range! Here's my recording
  16. Unfortunately, HoboKa, Nutritious has actually already sent me a WIP and we've started collabing on this. I'd be interested in working with you in the future though, PM me.
  17. I remember the Cantata something something from FF6. The demo cd was just a handwritten thing, if I remember. I don't think they had time to make up lables or anything.
  18. Happy birthday! If you told me earlier, I woulda let you hump my leg...maybe.
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