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  1. ...You're gonna love this part. There is no Properties option selectable. Edit: Okay wait, the regedit.exe thing went through, but when I press F5, no dice. The icon doesn't even show.
  2. Alright, here's the situation. My friend just recently bought his first laptop. As much as I wanted to congratulate him, I knew that something would go wrong. As luck would have it, somehow, he managed to delete the recycling bin. This isn't a sick joke or anything, but I have spent the past 6 hours trying to figure out how to reverse this problem. Personally, I never thought this was even possible. Any and every idea will be greatly appreciated. Laptop info: Laptop Model: Toshiba Satellite A135 OS: Windows Vista Home Premium
  3. I almost forgot to mention something else... ...Lifeforce. Invest in it. Edit:
  4. Well, the only way that I could possibly think of is to check the said remix that you're looking for and check to see if it actually does have lyrics. I don't actually recall there being any type of big-assed list of lyrical remixes, (I could be wrong...) but dude, you're gonna have to start trekkin' the site. Where you're supposed to download, for some remixes there is a tab labelled lyrics. Hope that helps somewhat.
  5. Journey to Silius Bump n' Jump Double Dragon 2 (Go pick on Mr. Violence) Super C (Just because) Rad Racer Megaman 1-3 Zelda (Your own TAS, I guess...?) Super Mario 2 & 3 Bionic Commando ...I'm all out of ideas, outside of that. Unless you feel brave enough to tackle Rolling Thunder...
  6. These are kinda good, but you posted in the wrong area altogether. Try here, instead.
  7. Well, I saw a similar set of MadCatz screen protectors & shells at a nearby Wal-Mart for the same price. I personally would say I guess that would be the standard price, give or take $5-6. But the ones that you're referring to looked a lot like the original except a bit heavier than the official Nintendo stuff and come in three colors (I think...) I personally haven't heard anything in like a reference to buying them, but they do look rather decent. One of my co-workers has one and she only bought it because it was the first thing that caught her eye. That DS alone has been through abuse, but it's still intact - - with the protection in place. But it's totally up to you if you want to chuck out the money for it.
  8. How long did it take for you to get bored of it?
  9. I still like the 16 star run that Effector mentioned, but that's just... fucked. 1 star? 7 minutes? Hilarious.
  10. These are my first photoshop projects of anything, so... Super Mario 3: P-Wing LT: I don't recall the pixels of the SNES P-Wing seeming this ugly. Was this scaled down or something? Dracula X / Vampire's Kiss: Richter crouching LT: Nah. No need for a sprite of him crouching, plus the size of the image makes having a background weird. It should have been transparent. I did what I could with 'em for the moment. ...Still looking for some decent images worth cropping of Eric Lecarde from Bloodlines. *laughs* Sadly, yes. Copied, cropped, sized to 32x32. It's not getting any better than that unless I photoshop it myself. ...Second thought, I'm too lazy to even think that. I'll just find something else.
  11. To be honest, the name had me thrown for a loop. There's not too many dual guitar remixes out there and this definitely places a 1-up on the boards. Liked the piece, overall. A real chill opening and from 2:49 to the end kinda had me whistling along. Definitely wouldn't mind hearing more.
  12. In the short time that I've been here, I don't think that I'll ever see that again.
  13. Maybe because the general public just got used to referring it just as the Xbox 360. or... and don't feel like dragging out a name. Too much work.
  14. Goddamn shame, Awesomeman. If you keep building it, they will shoot it. Didn't you learn your lesson from Offtop? Edit: I second the lock of this thread.
  15. For a moment, I thought that you were joking about the motorcycle thing until I checked out some sites in regards to it. Uh, why are they introducing motorcycles now? To possibly blow away the idea that rockstar attempted with Midnight Club?
  16. Ditto. The only demo that I did play was AC4. Only an hour, though. I still wanted to hold that anticipation for the actual game. Instead, I ran through AC2 for the 11th time. My co-worker is steadily trying to get me to play the demo to AC6, but I can't bring myself to do that.
  17. And hey, if you have to, raid Blockbuster. I know, it sounds absurd, but I found my replacement Disgaea 1, Ace Combat 4 & 5, as well as Xenogears.
  18. Demos usually kill avid players with short detail, especially if it's the same one or two stages with limited selections of cars/planes/players as to the courses/stages that you can play them. Did you feel the same about AC5?
  19. I really like this piece. I'm having personal difficulty filtering out the sounds of Monstrous Turtles in my head, but it's still hella-good. That second bass kick I'd say it's a bit off, but shit, you pulled this in an hour??? You might as well finish it. Great job so far.
  20. Yo Doulifee, I didn't realize that I had a nearly identical sig to someone on here by the name of Fenrir. ( So, I kinda found this pic last night. I was wondering if you could slightly trim this down and have my name in some nice calligraphy from the upper left hand corner. Just a few shades darker than the sky, but the size doesn't have to block the sun. In the lower right hand corner, in pretty small, but visible solid white font (of your choosing), "Many in body, one in mind..." -Daisaku Ikeda Edit: If possible, could the full size of the plane remain in the finished product? Thanx.
  21. Iron Man as a character, is pretty comedic. Tony Stark as not only his character image as well as a decently organized businessman, is very much an asshole. I'm not certain if Robert Downey Jr. can do that. But, I'll just hold my tongue and watch the movie when it hits.