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  1. @theconsoloist Should be fixed now, sorry for the trouble & thanks for reporting!
  2. @chanq This is superlative work; I'm not only impressed with the organization & presentation of data, but the design (and reasoning behind it) make a ton of sense to me. This work will absolutely inform future enhancements to the site, and is deeply appreciated.
  3. @BONKERS Funky! I will say, I felt like the low end didn't kick in until like 2'10" - bassline before that is active & funky but not filling out the bottom much, so when 2'10" hits it almost feels like bass is appearing for the first time. Something like bx_subsynth, or adding a sub layer, or just EQ on the bass could help give it more low end.
  4. @JohnStacyMan that sucks; regarding radio silence, I've been seeing/hearing a lot of that, directly & secondhand. I think it's mostly people being at their limits - emotionally, physically, spiritually, politically, you name it. Probably guilty of it myself, gonna try to do better. I wish I had some ideas/suggestions; sounds like even institutions are eroding, based on lack of response...
  5. I would always recommend Komplete first, above all other mega do-it-all libraries/collections - Reason Rack *is* great, Arturia V-Collection *is* great, but Komplete feels the most essential and capable of handling pretty much anything.
  6. I would relish the chance to discuss Super 3D Noah's Ark in a writeup. Don't let this bias your decisions, though
  7. I dig the lead sound here; it's unusual, and it makes the whole mix more interesting. I think my biggest issue is the timing - an intentional swing/unquantized thing going on, which can work really well w/ slower beats & downtempo/lo-fi stuff, but at faster tempos - for me at least - it starts sounding like unintentional lag/slowdown - 0'43 with the kicks, for example. I'd be most curious to hear this with different % swing, something more subtle. Could also dial it in more selectively, for breakdowns or verse vs. chorus.
  8. In the interest of moving forward, and also because this album is kinda coming back from the dead (or at least purgatory/uncertainty), I'm suggesting the following title: Final Fantasy III: Resurrection ...to kinda gel with with the FF1 & FF2 albums, so it's "Random Encounter, Rebellion, Resurrection" - a trio of R's. If anyone feels strongly that this title is poo and/or has a better idea, please chime in! Also, the album has been added to the project consent form - please sign ASAP!
  9. Just chiming in - no matter what Soule did, this game's soundtrack is a part of many folks' childhoods, and nothing changes that. However, deciding to participate in this project is one of those topics where, personally, I don't think there's a right or wrong answer. I've explained my personal reasoning, and how I conceive of art in the abstract, but I'm not offended if anyone finds it unpersuasive/disagrees. Key thing is that no one gets judged, either way, for their decision on this, or attempts to equate others' decisions to participate with a tacit endorsement of the behavior in question.
  10. With Golden Sun out of the way, it's Badass 4, Lufia 2, & FF3.... hoping we can get the last mile on this one, will be talking w/ @Gario
  11. @Meteo Xavier I think that's the right call, and thank you for making it and letting us know as opposed to letting things drag on. This is a stressful/disorienting period of time for everyone, and having extra challenges on top of that to work through just doesn't leave a ton of time for much else. Hope things take a turn for the better for you
  12. @Meteo Xavier & @Rexy are in charge of: Rounding up all tracks/wavs to date (I think this is basically complete) Identifying holes in arrangement coverage that should be filled Finding a way to fill them Coordinating art & final package prep We've got Golden Sun and Lufia 2 & Badass Paragons on the horizons, but I'd really like to wrap this up in Q3...
  13. Thankfully we got a fix on some of the dissonance, making this mix even better.
  14. I've *basically* switched to Live as my main DAW, and one of the selling points is the flexibility & power of M4L, though that's coming from a consumer perspective and (not yet at least) as a developer. I do believe it's possible in M4L - this might be a useful starting place: https://github.com/HerrmuttLobby/chord-splitter This one does round-robin but could also be a useful jumping off point: https://www.beedocs.com/abehr/2018/07/14/max-for-live-midi-note-splitter/ As an expensive-but-nifty non-M4L, DAW-agnostic alternative, I imagine that https://www.bluecataudio.com/Products/Product_PlugNScript/ would be capable of doing this. I also wonder if this capability could be baked into the Kontakt library itself, somehow, but that'd be a question for @zircon or @Nabeel Ansari
  15. Still love that film but damn if Clint Eastwood didn't get all old, weird, and political, and start talking to chairs...
  16. @Meteo Xavier Does @Rexy have everything you had? I think we need to look at the tracks we know we're not getting and see about putting together a SHORT list of sources we feel should absolutely be covered for this album to be called, in good faith, an FF3 album. Is that something you can do, and if so, how quickly?
  17. @Chernabogue This one won't be revived, so absolutely, we can proceed with posting the approved mixes. It seems like there are three, total, and we might go for a mini-flood. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Feel free to tag me directly if you feel like things aren't being dealt with. We will prioritize this, based on how long it's gone unattended. I'll be closing the thread; we're working on reviving some other projects, but can't do that for all of them. Thanks to @Chimpazilla & @timaeus222 on the time/effort involved in this - COULD have been awesome, but the disruption w/ Brandon and subsequent loss of momentum mean it petered out.
  18. @BONKERS Well, this is a surprise! Sounding promising so far. I love this OST too, but I've always found it challenging to interpret - staying close to the original might be the best option, as you've done w/ "Step-Up" (though I think changing the time signature on that source might be interesting...) It's been almost 3 decades since I played the game, but I might be able to help w/ context. In order to do so more effectively, if you could add links to the source tunes on YouTube to your post, would aid in jogging my (and perhaps others') memory. Also, any interest in this being an OCRI release when finished, as we recently did with @Cyril the Wolf's Mega Man X album?
  19. @HoboKa As long as we keep the richtext portions of the theme white - as in the screenshot - we can reliably maintain the formatting when copying/pasting. So it won't be a "true" dark theme - it'll be much darker, overall, but richtext (forum posts & mix writeups) at least will be dark-on-light. @Sir_NutS This is absolutely the plan, for social links. What would the flair look like?
  20. @captaineegee Thanks - this comes as a reminder that we need to enable tagging for albums, in addition to mixes. Did you do the whole albums, or specific tracks? If the latter, mind sharing? It can be a starting point for tagging posted mixes from both...
  21. Darker, yes - and it'll just be default. Large richtext areas still dark-on-white, as in above screenshot, but some inverted bits, and otherwise darker in general. Sticky navbar & sitewide login status.
  22. Bad person? More like TERRIBLE person. But I kid... at this point I'm 99% sure we'll be adding twitter/youtube/facebook/soundcloud links to profiles and also the profile postbit field next to every post, which should be pretty cool. I'd like to remind everyone that, above perhaps everyone else on this planet Earth, I do want to improve OCR Screenshot of WIP theme attached. It's WIP, but it's already preferable to current theme in some ways. We'll get there.
  23. @The Coop I appreciate what you wrote, because it shows me the diversity of perspectives on the topic; I do happen to disagree, in terms of the timeline, though. Unmod was deleted significantly prior to Balance & Ruin and many other events that to me represent some of the apexes of community activity & engagement. I know Unmod sticks out in some minds as a milestone & harbinger, but my ear is fairly close to the ground on this, and I believe the trend is more recent, and the association is one of conflation. @Ramaniscence As the admin of a site facing similar challenges & the steward of Jake's old site, I feel like we're in this together, no? Door's always open if you want to chat... and/or join forces against.... let's see... the trajectory of the Internet & Capitalism as we know it... and, apparently, removal of forum signatures.
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