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  1. If you have a YouTube account, you can subscribe to the (NEWLY RESTORED) OCRemix channel. Every new remix and trailer is posted there first, because for DJP to make the official page for a remix or album he needs to first upload a preview video.
  2. Probably could be in Post your Originals. I'll leave it to Darke. I must say that it's not bad. Could be useful in some situations.
  3. Its pretty good arrangement wise, I like the mash-up between the two sources. Don't know if this is intentional, but the track just stops right before the end in quicktime. For me the main problem is the choice and quality of some of the instruments. While a lot of the synths and the harpiscord IMO are fine, many of the drum samples are pretty meh. The cymbols sound competely automated. The "bass" drum sounds like it's being played from a cheap speaker. Gario hit the nail on the coffin (get it?) with his critique. If your trying out for a trance style, speak with some of the trance-based members such as bLiNd for some help. For more electronica, speak with half of all posted remixers.
  4. Chiptunes and Christmas? Sign me up! This is definitely one of my favorite tracks in the Mother series, ever since I heard it in Brawl. I'm glad to finally see a remix of it.
  5. Happy 6th night of Hanukkah! I'll be spending the rest of today with some of our Christian friends and decorating their tree. Also gave my parents a personal autograph from David Gregory (from Meet The Press).
  6. Somewhere... Miyamoto is just counting his money... And is thinking of more ways to make money... Not giving a damn about the Zelda Timeline...
  7. I FINALLY got Super Meat Boy and VVVVVV for under $5 total. Happiness (and frustration) ensues.
  8. Bumping this. I've heard this guy A LOT on Nerdy Show, and I have to say, he's my new favorite nerd musician (sorry guys). He's also made me want to read the Cosmos book by Carl Sagan that my father gave to me when I was a kid. Here's his most recent video: Still my favorite:
  9. Your a sax player, and you aren't adding your own twist to the music? Add some soul to that thing, boy! Loosen away from the source, and the ladies (men?) will be throwing their panties at you in no time. Serious commentary time (though deviation from the source and adding your own twist is not a bad idea): I must agree with you in that the laptop speakers kill this track, but I listened a second time through some headphones and its okay. However, you cannot control how the listener chooses to hear the piece. If you are going to change anything, take both speakers and headphones into account. Calum has great ideas. Nuff said. Another Logic user! I must say that the drums in this piece are pretty awesome. What drum set and/or loops did you use for this piece?
  10. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapybirthday!
  11. Miyamoto has stated on multiple occasions that his main concern for the Zelda series is the gameplay, and that story comes after the main functions of the game are established (game mechanics, items, dungeons, etc.). He would like to stress that the story is important, but he and Nintendo are not spending a lot of time checking every nit-pick over the continuity of the timeline. I honestly think that there is no "official" timeline for each game, but some games clearly come before and after others. From a business standpoint that would force Nintendo to work within the limits of their own timeline.
  12. I got mine! Thank you Theory! I'll definitely put the GameStop giftcard to good use. And believe it or not, I will have some use for the play-doh you gave me! I definitely plan on participating next year!
  13. Sonic CD was the first Sonic game I ever played, so when I saw it was on the iPhone I instantly got it. I have actually never heard the Japanese intro (Toot Toot Sonic Warrior) before this, and I must say, without the lyrics at some parts it sounds like an early WillRock track. I plan on going through the game with the Japanese soundtrack first, then the American.
  14. The game is in ALPHA! Get it here for 9.95 euros or about US$12.96 (CURRENTLY WINDOWS ONLY): http://playcobalt.com/ Music by OCR's own Anosou, aka Mattias Häggström Gerdt. Get the EP here: http://anosou.bandcamp.com/album/cobalt-ep Cobalt, the game made by Oxeye Game Studios and published by Mojang Specifications (you know, the Minecraft people). Post your thoughts about the game and share your pictures/videos/funny moments below. I personally can't get the game until beta (no Mac support yet), but I would love to hear what you all have to say. I will update this first post as time goes on.
  15. This is pretty sweet. I like the variation of folk and metal. The drums for the metal sections need some major revisions. Since your taking a more folk-ish approach, traditional drum beats with a steady rhythm are not going to cut it. It sounded completely awkward when I first heard it. As Cash and Change said, the song does tend to stay on the conservative side. I recommend using the folk section to add some variety to the song, while letting the metal part handle the main melody. Can't wait to see this revised!
  16. You could pretend they're Jewish, and have it delivered during Hanukkah (Dec 20th-28th). I'm glad the person I gave it to enjoyed my gifts. I'm now willing to do more of these things more often.
  17. Too bad OCR can't take this because it technically isn't a video game tra- Oh wait! It could be: http://cinemassacre.com/category/avgn/fanstuff/avgn-fangames/
  18. So I found about this indie game last week, but got down to listening to the soundtrack a while ago. And for only being a three song soundtrack, I found it pretty great. I would love it if someone were to ReMix these songs somehow. Album can be found (for free) here: http://www.kloonigames.com/blog/crayonphysics/day-2-music-of-crayon-physics-deluxe
  19. Even though it probably isn't, I sincerely hope this is a joke... my faith in Square-Enix is fading fast...
  20. Is is bad that the only titles I recognize are VVVVVV, Sonic and Mario Olympics, Kid Icarus Uprising, and Mario Party 9? EDIT: Rayman Origins is on there too? Did not see that...
  21. Ironically, the OCAD one is available, but I can't find the video for MAGfest 9...
  22. Someone update the title, because its now called: Metal Gear Rising: Revengence ...yeah...
  23. Is the OCRemix panel going to be filmed? I know PAX posted their own video of the OCR panel there, but I would like to see what I am missing. EDIT: I fail at English...
  24. They would most likely mistake it for a gun show...
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