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  1. McV is as dope as they come. Guess I'll start coming back to OCR to find music again. Hell, I'll even get some stickers.
  2. Ohshi... McV is back. Guess I'll come back to the site now. Nice mix, btw.
  3. Energetic as it gets. Once again, Beatdrop shows the mind and spirit of a trance ReMix. I agree with some sentiments that the lead options could be revisited, but that's more of an explorative assessment than a critque.
  4. ReMixes such as this one show that it is possible to create an appealing, accessible arrangement that both attracts the casual listener while still meeting the quality standards of OCR. This goes even without mentioning the rather complex source material. The viola sound sections are some of the most solid-sounding stuff I've heard on OCR to date. I remember this back from the WIP forum. Couldn't have turned out any better.
  5. No one seemed to really care about FFVII other than it was a great game, Tifa being hot, and Sephiroth being omgwtfkool until Advent Children and all the other sidebars were announced. Then they go and make a PS3 tech demo. Now suddenly the original game was incomplete and in need of a remake with additional clutter being spewed all about it in the meantime. You can count as many reasons as you want as to why they should make a remake of this game, it won't affect the probability of one being made whatsoever.
  6. I, for one, hope they DON'T produce a remake. They've gayed up the storyline enough as it is with all these over-dramatized sequels, misleading prequels, and trivial subplots. It was fine the way it was, for Christ's sake. It was a complete story ten years ago.
  7. Well this settles it. I'm done with GenDisc.
  8. nintendo shuld sue peta cuz peta is bad and i dont liek them and their all full of hippys and their are ghey and nintendo is awesome and i got a ninetndo wii cuz its awesmoe and beats ps3 and xb0x360 by farrr HURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Also.... I love you guys.
  9. ZOMGANIMEKAWAII!!!!!!!! ^______________________________^ I'm just sad unmod isn't around to see this thread. (Also, Dhsu laying the smackdown = serious lulz)
  10. In the meantime, you better be checking out Dwelling of Duels for some ear-shattering goodness.
  11. I find it rather funny that, with the announcement of the next expansion, all the gear that was so painstakingly obtained by the daily raiders and more "hardcore" players of the game will likely be replaced by greens and quest rewards obtained through menial tasks. And even if not completely replaced, the gap will close considerably, nullifying the advantage. I really wish there was a more effective way at letting players from different servers interact with each other. I know so many people who play this game, and we're all spread across the board. Also, does anyone play on Mannoroth, Arthas, or Thunderlord?
  12. I dunno. Maybe it has to do with the panel being full of disillusioned elitists who are a bit too concerned with nitpicking the technical aspects of submissions and using their big, bad musical brains to confound the common interest listener. /judgehate (P.S.: I love you guys soooooo much <<<<<<<<33333333) Also, this image on his site is pretty ghey
  13. You're lucky. I phonetically share my username with one of OCR's JUDGES for God's sake.
  14. Ailsean's Everquest arrangement. Mostly because that game's soundtrack has an absurd amount of overlooked remix potential. http://www.ailsean.net/music/vg/Ailsean-14-Everquest-Bulfyi_in_West_Freeport-fixed.mp3 Though, really, considering how obscenely difficult it is to pass through the panel these days, I suspect it would be rejected pretty quickly.
  15. God, everyone is bitching about this movie. Ignoring all the absurd drama and jumble of characters, all I would hope to expect from a freakin' pirate movie is some sword fighting and Jack Sparrow saying something witty and endearing. I wasn't disappointed.
  16. Awww... there goes nearly half the fun I get out of this game. Thank GOD.
  17. That's a quality of Alliance as well, and could probably be attributed moreso to the general lack of organization in pickup battleground groups as a whole. Though in general, I'd say that Arathi Basin is substantially more conducive to teamwork and organization, since everyone is pretty much relegated to either attacking or defending a base -- which doesn't require a whole lot of attention to detail. BTW, is it just me or has there been a sharp decline in the interactivity or players recently. I haven't been in a group with any of my characters unless it has been someone I've known for a good while. For a game oriented around player-to-player interaction, very few people ever seem interested in grouping anymore. And really, if I wanted that, I'd play Oblivion.
  18. The Xyco

    Spider-Man 3

    Two words. HAIR. FLIP. Someone get me a gif of that. Please.
  19. I'll spare you comments regarding the leads, since you pretty much get the idea. I'm really diggin' the arrangement here. The melody feels considerably more simplistic than the original (in a good way, mind you), and the intro, with a little imagination, gives off a distinct retro-gaming feeling, almost as if the melody belonged to an early 90's title or something.
  20. I only glanced over th website, but I'd like to say that some of those character designs are pretty amazing. Others... well...
  21. I alter the type of music I listen to depending on what type of workout I'm doing. Running is usually stuff from Guilty Gear XX and the the Korean OST (I HIGHLY reccommend getting the Korean OST for general workouts, it sounds much more clear, and personally, I find that the beats are more conducive to motion than the regular GGXX tracks). I also occasionally listen to the Super Smash Bros. Melee soundtrack when I'm running. The fresh sound of the live recordings is particularly energizing. From Samurai Champloo, "Hiji Juru Style" WILL get your ass moving. I can't listen to that song and remain seated. Typically I find music that's not so melodic, active listening-based to lift weights to. For instance, I listen to Street Fighter 3: Third Strike when I'm working with freeweights and cable machines. Nothing makes you pound your arms and legs harder than having the images of shoryukens going everywhere. The beats help maintin a healthy rhythm between sets as well. When I'm working on standard weight machines or doing calesthenic sets, I'll put it on a variety of tracks from the OCR community. bLiNd's Extreme-G mix is in there quite a bit, as well as zircon's "Flying Heaven" (SF2:BotA). Sometimes I'll just put on Yellow 13's session "Electrosphere" and listen to it throughouot the first half or so of my workout (it's an 55-minute long track).
  22. There was a vigil here at UNCW tonight. The turnout was inspiring to say the least. I'd put it around three hundred, so large in fact that we ended sitting outside for more than an hour. Though, unfortunately, a few of the people who spoke at the vigil felt the overwhelming need to use this tragedy as a springboard to go off irrelevant and disrespectful political rants about gun control, war, etc. Here's a tip: If you go to a vigil, memorial service, or any sort of gathering intended to pay tribute to the lives of people who suffered an untimely, unfortunate, or tragic death -- do NOT turn the manner of speech into a nonsensical tirade about how getting a gun in this country is too easy for people, or how the inundation of violence glorification in our culture is the source of all crime and murder in country. Save that discussion for other venues of communication (personal interaction, writing, internet, etc). You're doing a service to no one by parading your cause with the coffins of the fallen. In fact, you are probably doing them the greatest DISRESPECT you possibly can. For the most part, however, those who came out tonight were sincere and truly moving with their words. The UNCW community collectively sends its prayers and support to the friends and family of the lost, and to the entire Virginia Tech and Blacksburg community.
  23. I heard about this before I went to class at 12:00 today. When I checked the news at 2:00, I audibly yelled out "Holy SHIT!!!" When I saw the death toll was more than 20 students. This is now the most deadly school shooting in American history. Jedi Knight, stay safe.
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