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  1. Here's the link for the RadioSega podcast that aired your tune. http://www.segamedia.com/podcasts/e27-hedgehog-re-mix-10th-august-2012/ There you go!

  2. I heard this remix on one of the Sega Radio podcasts. I must admit its a catchy take on a fun tune that will make anyone smile. I hope that you do more collaborations like this one. Awesome job!
  3. I like the idea that you came up with a SNES concept. I haven't seen anyone else try this before. Maybe more indie artists should do this more often. Or maybe as a promo goodie for an upcoming game. Nice work, hope you'll share with us more fun stuff like this.
  4. A few worth sharing.. Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask: Clock runs out at the worst time. I always found myself getting stuck in some key areas, and that darn moon comes crashing down. It made me quit in a heartbeat (after the tenth try, I lied its actually too numerous to even mention). Devil May Cry (series) - having to max out the combo meter, only to see it sink because of some off-screen enemy. I admit I can mix it up with the best of them, however those darn enemies love to show up out of nowhere. And just when you start to get a nice rhythm. Bam! They've got you knocked on your butt. Halo (series) oh hey the ending.. yeah next game (does it ever end!?) When I divulged into this series, I thought it would find its wrap up point but it never really found one. It just goes on.. and to think its spread into a mini-series into other legacies. Seriously it was a neat idea, but how far can we really stretch it?! Gears of War (series)- what happened? that's it!? c'mon. The game altogether was alright, but it was the letdown of the ending. Sure it felt solemn that everything fought for meant squat. Oh and it didn't resolve anything. Sonic 06 - Some stages will just put you to the test. See entire game or visit any Sonic fansite to read of its great terror. (but a lovely soundtrack!) Castlevania - Legacy of Shadows - blah blah... oh hey you're Dracula!? I don't know how to put this in honest words. I didn't like the direction they went with remastering the beginning of the legacy. But at least its expanding the CV storyline (or it pulled a Doctor Who all along) Metal Gear Solid 4 - um not the end?
  5. Congrats to the both of you, and much happiness =D
  6. This is quite an undertaking, there are so many great tracks out there. I think as we've been broadening out with the nextgen titles, there are very rarely any more remixes that most will catch on to. Hmm well what to add. How about "Stardust Speedway" from Sonic CD?
  7. An insane soundtrack, with awesome sounds. Well done! But there is enough here to keep even old fans busy with playlists. =D Nice
  8. Also tweeted, hope the message gains enough notice. This really bites. >.<"
  9. Zircon always comes up with neat ideas to tweak with certain key tracks. Metroid's OST was always hidden with different thematic elements. But tweaking it into dubstep was not easy. I'm sure it took a bit of time to put this one together.
  10. Loving this new take on a frenetic track. Even the original tune went all over the place. Love how it keeps the harmony fresh with every pitch. Makes me wish that this was in a new Megaman game ost.
  11. Never heard a hydro level bgm track quite like this. Plus it really delivers a level of funk that has been missing lately. And it keeps the same high energy that the original level contained. Nicely done. =D
  12. Checked out the first half of the album. Loving it! What surprised me is that most of the tributes are more atmospheric. Makes me wish that the fans could have made the Other M (or a Metroid 5) soundtrack. But there could be a open door soon enough. =D
  13. Listening to the track now, and enjoying its design. Epic, haunting, melodic, and an insane atmospheric chorus. (reminds me of one of the the chilling tracks in the Ghost in the Shell series) Now that is on a level, very few composers actually reach. Well done. And to the M series, another anniversary.
  14. From my friend BT, his podcast =D Listen, enjoy, but turn up the volume, and love it! http://laptopsymphony.com/
  15. Oh, thanks for the heads up. Can't wait to hear what you're working on next.

  16. So addicted to the Ska Buffet, and I love your vocals. Can't wait to hear more!

    (but mid chorus, those lyrics had to be tough!? I wonder how the crew pulled that one off.

    Btw is there an unedited version of the Ska Buffet?)

  17. On behalf of our fun community here, congrats to you friend. Recommendation.. that is a tough one. I have always had a soft spot for Wind Waker's credits theme.
  18. Just been listening to Part 1 of the album. Smiling. =D Since its toasty outside, I will check out the rest later on. Awesome job as always. New post entry: 7/11 9:01am Now listening to volume 2, quite the shift in gears. But the music is so diverse, its hard to say which track is my favorite. 2-10 O.o I never knew those two were opera singers. (bravo!) Per chance we could hear more duets? *Btw congrats to both of you =D I wish this album was in an actual game. It would be divine.
  19. Listened to the teaser, and was hooked right away. Seriously this is an awesome song! A must listen! And it will bring a smile to your face. Hey perfect time, 4th of July! Can't wait till Milkyway Wishes is finished. =D
  20. Just watching the trailer, wow the wait is almost over. Great to see just a sample, and so much more soon. Some of the tracks are so unique, it makes me wish OCR took part in a new Nights chapter as well. (oh hey it can happen!) =D
  21. Dave, that has to be the most awesome vox mix ever. Seriously, I never thought someone would do this. Maybe Hideki Naganuma should have done the BGM mixes for MVC3. =D *Waiting on newer 360 model to hit shelves, saving up for its arrival. So I won't be able to join the MVC3 party for awhile
  22. That's right, I found the Youtube one. Heh sorry about my post on your remix thread. I must have had the mixes "mix'd" up. But I do like the new mixes direction, hope it turns out great and makes it to OCR's judges panel.

  23. Listening to the new mix, feels a bit muddled. If it was progressive/ electronic.. Thought it would be aggressive, and fierce. But the demo definitely delivers on where you want to go with this mix.
  24. Curious if we would hear of a final release date. Listening to the "Galaxy" track made me want to play my copy of Dream Land. Oops, wait @ college. What am I thinking?!
  25. Recently I visited PR's site.. and found this track nearby other remixes. Honestly this is a nightmare come true. I have always wanted to hear a nightmarish mix of a dungeon, where every turn could be your last. (if this was in Twilight Princess.. oh god that would have been so sweet)