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  1. So I found this song and needed to experiment with wav. and my new plugins. I exported all the wavs separately and this is the result. It's doesn't need that much cpu usage and the files are small. I don't know if this still counts as a VGM Remix tho. If it does please leave some feedback since I've been trying to humanize my guitar VSTs VSTs - Shreddage 2 -Shreddage Bass 2 -Shreddage Drums I really love shreddage :3 Edit 1/21/17 Hello I've updated this track and I think I got the track to sound better. Since humanizing the guitars was my first problem I had ghosted my notes then played on the rhythm to replicate delays from notes. I then also added some whammy vibrato and some fret noises where the notes drastically go from low to high. I didn't stop there I then made a solo at the final bridge of the song which in my opinion is very nice. Let me know what ya'll think it was a pain to do it through actually playing it since I'm not really a piano player. I almost forgot the metal kit I'd made for the drums that give it a more heavy/upbeat feel.
  2. I'm new at trying to remix video game music I've been a lurker for a long while. being a novice i would love some pointers and guidance from the community. here is the posting of what I've done so far.
  3. I decided to go more orchestral for this one, but get it to be pretty choatic and interesting. Let me know what you think! *Update* Fixed some mixing issues and got rid of the clicks.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm newbie here and I would like to show my job. This is my version of Streets of Desolation from Batman of NES. I hope you enjoy.
  5. What's the lower limit for something to post as a work in progress haha? This is literally just 30 seconds but I like it a lot and like anything else I've ever posted here, I have no idea what to actually do from here. It's cool though, I promise! Some of this was mostly from just wanting to try my awful choir and orchestra and blend it with the rest of a metal ensemble. My friend had me try to break down an anime opening and they practically had a guitar on one side and the orchestra on the other side which I kind of like. It might be kind of drastic for something like this but I'll take another shot at it later when it's not super late/early and I don't know what hearing is.
  6.…/snake-man-remix-first-draft This is a remix of Snake Man's theme from Mega Man 3 on NES. The idea here is lots of world percussion along with a calm smooth guitar and atmospheric pads and choir. This is literally the first thing I've ever made in FL Studio or any DAW for that matter so I'm still learning but hey, gotta start somewhere! I probably need to find some way to make it a little less muddy sounding during the busy parts. Might be too much low end on the guitar. Not quite sure.
  7. This is a little remix of one of my favourite games from the Final Fantasy 7 series I'm working at since a few months. "Wings Of Freedom" is my interpretation of the OST "The Price Of Freedom". I wanted to create a remix which is a bit more feeling, but also goes into a stronger rock ballad later on - a good track for combining some genres without getting lost of the soul und background of the track. It begins with a little live recorded piano solo (played this just by ear - it contains also a nice melody that only appears about one time in the whole game), followed by a calm viola part which goes over into a part with a harp, guitars, bass and drums and which leads into a stronger, soulful rock ballad with several electric guitars towards the end. The rest of informations that might be interesting for listeners and remixers is in the description of the Youtube upload. It's also the first remix I've created a video (with ingame scenes) for. Hope you and especially the fans of Crisis Core - Final Fantasy 7 enjoy it. Original game track: >>> -------------------------------------------- Newest version of my remix >>> 1.2 >>> >>>
  8. There is one issue with this version that I didn't notice until literally just a minute ago listening through it again, which is a tempo mistake toward the end of the track that happens twice. because of how I wrote the parts it involved tempo and time changes to sound right, and I slid the track back by 4 measures to add a bit to the intro, not thinking about the time changes and where that would leave the changes in the track, so I do need to go back and change that. this was more so I could post the track and get some feedback here about the overall sound. I'm pretty comfortable with the overall songwriting, more looking for feedback on the overall sound and any advice for mixing since that's my biggest weak spot right now.
  9. Hello again and today I've got a track featureing another attempt of me trying humanizing my guitars. I've added lots of pitch bends/unison bends and I think it turned out nice. Let me know you you people think I always look at your feedback.
  10. All the spiders gather around and clap along to the beat. You try to struggle and escape...but nothing happens Muffet approaches you... " Would you like something to drink? We have water, milk, juice, spiders, Dr. Pepper...?" "Spiders?" "Spiders it is, then!" "No! That's not what---" But she was already pouring a brimming cup of spiders
  11. A dance mix of Ice Cap Zone (I know it's overdone, but I'm a little new to remixing and I wanted to start out familiar with Sonic songs I knew well) that I made not that long ago. I considered it complete at the time, but it isn't quite as good as what I'm making now. [EDIT]: Revision 1: This is a fairly big revision, suggestions and criticism would be very appreciated. [EDIT]: Revision 2: Okay so now I think I understand decent flow and sound design and think I have something much better, though I'm focused on other remixes at the moment so progress on this one is gonna be slow. Current Version of Remix:: Cap Zone Remix [Very Revised].mp3?dl=0 Oldest Version of Remix (Just to show the serious amount of progress I've made since then & record-keeping purposes I guess): Original song: Thanks in advance!
  12. I am not sure what genre this would be to be completely honest but screw it. One of my least favorite Sonic levels of all time...Carnival *******Night Zone. The music is cool but that STUPID BARREL I SWEAR TO GOD..... sorry. Just remember ...UP and DOWN....UP and Down.
  13. So here's the track I've made a few years ago. May be it will be interesting for ya! Please feedback!
  14. The Minish Cap is my favorite game in the Zelda franchise, and I've putting off my favorite song from the game (Minish Village) for quite a while. I finally said, "You know what, I'm gonna do it." So I got around to starting this project. Don't think I'm quite done yet, but I've got the bulk of it done. Most recent version of mix:
  15. Hi! Here's song that I was making just for fun while testing some new virtual instruments I got. It turned out pretty good in my opinion, so I thought I should post it here and maybe submit it to OC. I've had tons of fun making this song and I hope you enjoy as well, and maybe have something to criticize. I have like zero experience in orchestral music so I wanted to challenge my self. Original song is from Pokemon Gold/Silver - Lance's Theme Remix: Red - Lance_2.mp3?dl=0
  16. Hello all, I am looking for some feedback on a work in progress remix/cover of "Alone in the Town" from Silent Hill 2. If you are willing, feel free to check it out. Let me know what you think.
  17. I feel as though I've completed this, but I have not had any official feedback, so I'm gonna leave this on ready for review right now. I've been working on this for a while and I finally got around to "finishing" it per say. I really like how it turned out because I haven't done anything this extensive before. I think it turned out pretty good, of course it probably has its flaws. I'm no master at production, so I might not be able to point those flaws out, but maybe somebody better at this can. Overall this was just real fun to make either way. The remix comprises of the Title Theme, Hyrule Field, and Zelda's Lullaby from Ocarina of Time. At the end, I threw in a little bit of the Astral Observatory from Majora's Mask underneath Zelda's Lullaby, because why not? This is the most recent version:
  18. I totally went there. I'm pretty sure I'm not the first to do it, but here's what I have so far: All criticisms are welcome. Just don't be a dick about it :v EDIT: SoundCloud's compression really killed the clarity (especially the high end) in this mix. Uploaded to Newgrounds instead.
  19. This is what I have so far: Constructive criticisms welcome. Edit for evaluation: Source (original VGM): Current version of remix: The only difference between this and planned submission is the addition of rapping. If it's submittable now, it's submittable as a full rap song.
  20. Recently I was totally in the mood to make some remixing stuff for the good ol' beat ' em up series Battle Arena Toshinden for the very first Playstation generation - one of the few fighting games which haven't had just good gameplay, cool characters, great special effects and a pretty interesting background story - no, the Toshinden series have also had really awesome BGM tunes which are really made for fighting. So, I decided to make a little remix for Sho's Theme from Battle Arena Toshinden 2. Here it goes... Original game track: >>> ---------------------------------------- Newest version of my remix: 1.2 >>> >>> All the other informations are in the description of the uploaded content of the Youtube version. Enjoy & give me some feedback.
  21. This is a little rock remix of the opening theme from the Pokémon anime series. It's my first remix of an anime soundtrack after making a few remixes for several videogames. I'm not the typical die-hard fan of Pokémon - but I loved the anime when I was a child. Pretty fluffy and hearty stuff with a nice touch of adventure. Some time ago I've listened to the opening theme of the anime once again which has a really decent melody I still like - and I thought that this could be a nice track for improving my virtual guitar skills. So, I put some effort into the articulation of every single guitar note. Sometimes I tought for hours about where the different articulations or playing techniques (like long played notes, hammer-ons, tappings, slides or some FX guitar sounds) might fit best within a short guitar sequence. But I got into it after some time and I think this helped me improving my music production skills a little bit - especially for creating much more realistic guitar sounds. Thanks to my really awesome virtual guitar amplifier Vandal I could give the guitar sound its totally unique style and make a decent final touch with a little bit hall reverb and a little bit more pinging stereo delay - really good combination for reverberant but also strong, assertive guitar sounds. I've also enjoyed working a bit more with velocity dynamics to bring some more life and vibrance into the track - but it's still pretty tough for me to find the right balance between the velocities of the different tracks within a song. Already a velocity value change of just 10 out of 127 can make a perceivable difference between hearing single notes in the whole mix and not noticing or at least not feeling them anymore. But I will work on this in the future. Just as usual I've mastered this remix at EBU R 128 loudness standards and used absolutely no compressors or limiters for keeping the full, natural sounding dynamic range and best possible hi-fi sound quality. So, check this stuff... Original Intro Theme: >>> ---------------------------------------- Newest version of my remix: 1.0 >>> >>>
  22. Kunoichi Step *I've taken down the song so that I may revise it I nearly retired from making arrangements. However, my fervor was renewed after Capcom started putting out a bevy of well made iOS games revolving around the Street Fighter franchise. No matter how much time passes, Street Fighter remains my favorite video game franchise. Right on time for the 25th Anniversary, I put together this mix. *Production Notes* [DAWs Used] - Nano Studio (OS X) - GarageBand - Audacity [Equipment/Instruments] - Ibanez Talmon electric/acoustic I am not satisfied with the EQ for the guitar solo toward the end of the track. I also had difficulty placing the kabuki call as I wanted to. Overall, I am pleased with the mix. Constructive commentary is welcome, as it should be.
  23. First new remix in a while, not even sure what to say about genre. Please crit and stuffs.
  24. Very basic and simple remix. Not a lot of changes from the original track. My main focus was adding drums. I'm thinking on adding a solo to the track. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.