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  1. I tried to combine orchestral and ambient to give a sort of forest feel.
  2. Hey guys, just finished another Pokemon arrangement, this time of the Gym leader/Elite 4 battle music. I hope you enjoy and any critique is always hugely helpful!
  3. Source: The first half of the remix is based almost entirely on the intro of the source - often slowed down and in a different key. It gets pretty abstract at 0:51, and the main melody finally comes in at 2:14. The waltz starts at 4:02. 0:00 - 0:50 The 2 second intro, slowed down and in a different key. The bell motif from the source continues while pretty much everything under it is original. 0:51 - 1:27 Original 1:28 - 1:55 The intro, this time in the same key but still slowed down. 1:56 - 2:35 The intro, this time at the same tempo as the original, albeit in different keys. The main melody comes in at 2:14. 2:36 - 2:53 Piano motif was inspired by the original song's intro, but isn't taken directly from it. 2:54 - 3:34 Main melody 3:35 - 3:58 Second part from the original song 3:59 - 5:17 Basically the source song 5:18 - 5:51 Original 5:52 - 6:07 Main melody again 6:08 - 6:28 Original 6:29 - 6:57 Main melody
  4. Hey guys, i would appreciate feedback on my new dubs, asked around at DSF but they did not seem to be willing to even listen to my tracks nor anyone from social medias (0 plays apart from 1 view on part 2 when i checked everything was ok in it myself) So i came here with my dubs, to ask opinion. Worked really hard and tried to put some real effort into the tracks (even though made both during these wake hours as i am awake now and can't sleep for some reason even if i have been up for like well way over 24 hours), personally i like them adequately even though i'm not huge on self-compliments. Of course noticed few things i would have wanted to fix before i uploaded them but oh well, i was already thinking of part 3, was bloody fun times producing these: Went nuts on sound designs for the drops (and dag up few old designs such as the lead from one of my earlier tracks 'Pump it' etc also composed it in similar style as in my previous epicstep track), as you can hear, maybe there's too much stuff going on, but then again, i like it, somehow it's fun to produce and even listen. May i ask the opinions of you? Also composed a really basic sustain violin ensemble chords for intro (chords based on drop chords so a lot easier after making the drops apart from couple of extra notes for lead-ish violin) with the addition of arp to bring more content for intro still. And then slowly fading in the beats and one growl on both. On first part the beat is really basic as it was originally a sound design project and i just made a quick beat to test the sound designs better, but had to continue with the track. On second part i tried to put a lot more effort for building a track rather than some test thingie. I don't know what it is for me to start piling up sounds on top of each other and one after another that go trough rather fastly and it may sound, well, odd for others i suppose, but it soothes me for some reason. Anyways, any honest feedback would be appreciated. Too harsh to listen? unbalanced? any mixing and mastering advice? Also as a reminder, i truly did produce those today and most likely if i were to spend several days on those, they would be better, but these aren't for some record label, no (have tried twice to sent demos a loong time ago and as they were shitty, no wonder labels would not want to support me on making music that people don't like), these are mostly just me having fun and practicing and wanting to share what i accomplished still if someone else were to appreciate the music still, and even better, if i could get some advice on which i agree upon and can become a better producer. Only if i were to really fine tune a similar track or either of these or make similar on the basis, then i could maybe sent them somewhere.. or not..
  5. Hello. I have gotten really interested on producing both orchestral and rather melodic dubstep/drumstep styles lately and have tried to fit them them all into single tracks, and i was wondering are there people here interested on same category? I would be interested on hearing of such productions and discussing about them in general What about just producing only orchestral and or only melodic dubstep or drumstep? I was suggested to come visit here from DSF ninja community in hopes of advice for building full on orchestral music, well i have in fact already tried to compose some full orchestral pieces already on my own, but my compositions have been rather short so far so i have mostly only made them as intros on my tracks with virtual instruments mostly from Native Instruments and then just started making beats and sound designs after that with an faster tempo, here is my latest example: So any opinions or advice on that? I got already one useful advice on which i totally agreed: the part on around 1:50 in the track, on which i stop the orchestral intro and started making the verse and chorus, i first lower the tempo even lower down from 110bpm for few seconds and then lift it up to around 160bpm so i can make faster almost drumstep style track, but that precise part does sound kind of.. off, because the super saw sound design sounds weird while speeding up.. so should i make the part on which i change the tempo totally quiet and/or at least faster or with different sounds.. or should i just try to make full orchestral tracks as in keeping the 'intro' of my tracks out and making dubstep and drumstep and orchestral separate, trying to fit too much into single tracks can be kind of.. weird.. what do you think? Well then again on my own opinion, i like to try to fit lot's of stuff into my productions because for example the orchestral intro does bring rather exciting feeling into the track but then when it changes into dubstep/drumstep, it does have some sort of other feeling which makes me enjoy making the production. What about mixing and mastering? I have sucked at it especially earlier on and have tried to practice it more alongside with sound design and build practice and am not super familiar with chords either in general how they actually work, so far i've mostly just tried playing them on my midi keyboard or adjusting them otherwise in piano roll which would sound about right. My choice of DAW is Fl Studio 12 which seems to be my kind of workstation in all other parts except it being really hard on my CPU (annoying lag sometimes when there is lot's of stuff happening at the same time and CPU peaks at 100% usage) so don't know if any other would be better on that part but not in the set of mind on changing daw as FLS has best workflow for me at least and am familiar with it so i am trying to only get my productions sound better to people in general and i think that changing daw ain't the solution for that
  6. Hey guys, some years back, I wrote the soundtrack for an Xbox Live Indie Game called "Aphelion". I've been mostly dabbling with vocal music since, but since I'm trying to get back into composing / video game soundtracks, I'd still very much like your input on this one. It still contains some of my favourite instrumental tracks I've written, though I'm aware I'm still probably at the beginning of my journey. Quick disclaimer: I know that for some tracks, mixing is an issue. I'd probably do stuff differently today, so I'm rather looking for some pointers arrangement and composition-wise, but nonetheless: I appreciate every single bit of feedback. Enough babbling, here's a YouTube playlist: Thanks in advance!
  7. This is a game score that I made music for. Although the game did not reach completion I still wrote a good amount of music for it. This demo is not all of the music I wrote but it is a taste of the sound. I hope to use this music in a future project. My sound mixing technique still needs a lot of work so any advice on the composition, mixing, balance, etc, would be very helpful!
  8. Hey everyone! This is my most recent arrangement I have just finished of Pokemon GSC/HGSS's SS Aqua theme. This is one of my favourites from Johto and it was really fun doing this one. I hope you enjoy, and any critique you might have, I'd love to hear it!
  9. The Phoenix Wright series is a huge standout in terms of character design and writing. Pair that with clever and fun soundtracks and you get teenage 2r1t, DS in hands, not playing – just to listen to the music. Detective Gumshoe's theme always captivated me, so of course I had to work with it! Anyway, here's my orchestral re-imagining of the great Dick Gumshoe~ Confused Detective, Honorable Pal Detective Gumshoe ~ It's Detective Gumshoe (source)
  10. Hey folks, I was feeling in an Earthboundy mood yesterday and started up this fun little orchestral medley of Mother music. What do you think? PS, don't judge the drums too hard yet. I've barely worked on them.
  11. So I decided that since I like OC ReMix so much, and since I've always been into music, that I'd start doing remixes. Here's my take on Super Metroid's Mysterious Statue Chamber and Tension tracks (mashed together), which both are basically the same song with a few noted differences. I thought it would be neat to mix the two seeing that they were so similar. These tracks are used for the music before boss fights, mainly Kraid and the morph ball bomb chozo statue. Source tracks: The mix itself might be somewhat loud, but everything should be properly mixed. There is a lot of low-end bass, but nothing that should break anyone's speakers. Once I was finished and made sure nothing clipped the master channel, I bounced it to .wav and converted to .mp3 with Nero Recode. Made in Ableton Live 9 with various Kontakt instruments. Dropbox link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/65459588/Remixes/Harmonic%20Dread.mp3 The mp3 might say it is around 5 minutes, but it is only about 3. Not sure why. any advice would be great before I submit this, it feels 95% complete to me but there might be something I'm missing.
  12. Hello - I've recently re-watched Attack on Titan in preparation for the second season, whenever it's coming out, and I've been really wanting to take some of those elements used throughout the soundtrack and apply to my own works, since there's so much power there. I've also been thinking about applying it to a Remix, to get a better feel on writing music, to work on arranging, to work on production/mixing/mastering, and to simply get the creative juices flowing. Finally, I decided on taking the Undersea Palace and Lavos themes and create an Attack on Titan-inspired Remix https://soundcloud.com/user-913553678/attack-on-mammon-wip-chrono-trigger-undersea-palace-lavos Of course, it's in the WiP stage at the moment, and I'm having one major difficulty: the arrangement is just too conservative for me at the moment, and while I would have some more wiggle room in transitioning to the theme of Lavos, I haven't gotten there yet, and I believe I should expand on the Undersea Palace theme somehow, but I'm not quite sure how to approach it. If you have any thoughts in that regards, or anything else in general, please let me know. Thank you for listening! Source: Chrono Trigger - Undersea Palace Planning on using: Chrono Trigger - Lavos' Theme
  13. Hey guys I'm Nom and just recently joined this forum. I'm also a beginner in music remix and only just started for abouth a month ago. I really need help with some orchestration. I'm not really satisfied with my work (it's my 1st time doing it). I think it's too messy and need some dynamic but i don't really understand what to do with the orchestra instrument (I don't have any orchestral music background either). So, any suggestion like adding instrument or anything ? The original: Undertale OST: 046 - Spear of Justice Here's my work for orchestration. It's Undertale's spear of justice : Spear of justice (orchestral)
  14. I wrote this in a couple of hours, as a kind of speed writing experiment. Feel free to let me know what you think
  15. Original composition extracted from my 1st album, orchestral music with soundtrack influences. I wanted sthg dark and epic^^ Enjoy!
  16. Hey guys! Here's my most recent arrangement of the Viridian Forest theme from Pokemon Red and Blue. I took quite a lot of liberties with this track and I'm curious to see what you think. Here's a link to the origional: Remix:
  17. Hey guys! So I took the Star Fox theme from the "Star Fox Zero | Introducing Star Fox" trailer, and completely re-orchestrated it! So now you can listen to it without sound effects (haha)! I absolutely love this version of the piece, and did my best to recreate every nuance, listening carefully to uncover everything (hard to do with all of the sound effects in the trailer!) I hope you enjoy it! Original video:
  18. Made this because I felt bad for the guy who's been requesting a Drakkhen remix on the request forum for 6 years with no takers. Wasn't going to post it here initially but I think it may be decent enough to do so. Source material below:
  19. Aside from 2 Remix WIPS, I have two Original Tracks uploaded to Soundcloud for all to enjoy! Let me know what you all think. I'm still working on the details to mixing with Cubase, but I feel like these are coming along nicely.
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