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  1. It's been one full year (from yesterday) since I published my first theme. To view my work in chronological order click here: [ ] to view it in VIDEO LOG FORM (and in reverse chronological order) click here: [ ] FEEDBACK WOULD BE APPRECIATED!!! but please judge on a compositional basis. My virtual instruments are pretty much crap so i'd like feedback solely on my songwriting. Thankyou ***Also*** i'd like to note that if you are watching my videos from the first link there are higher quality versions of those same songs further down the line. Thanx for watching!!! EDIT: Please IGNORE the VIDEO LOG link. Apparently there's no way to activate the feature for youtube channels using the new layout. Thanx!!!
  2. this is a VERY rough outline of my aria di mezzo carattere remix. basically it's a .mid rip. it's just to see what instruments i wanted to use & how fast I want the tempo. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM ONLY PLEASE ^0^ ROUGH DRAFT:
  3. Game: Donkey Kong Country Original Track: Life in the Mines ReMix: This is actually my second ReMix of this song (first was in this: mini-medley, which I'll be coming back to later). It was made entirely in Reason 4 and it's part of a collaborative remix project on a DKC fansite. Arrangement-wise, it's pretty much finished (just gotta change the drums and work on some transitions), but I think the production might be a bit off. So, please give feedback/criticism/advice if you can. By the way, there's also a few cameos/references in there. They are, in order of appearance: 0:20 - Green Brinstar (Super Metroid) 1:01(piano) - Cave Dweller Concert (Donkey Kong Country) [the bit at 2:08] 2:29 - Mining Melancholy/Kanon's Klaim (Donkey Kong Country 2) Also 4:55 sounds like On to Grasstown (Cave Story), but that was an accident.
  4. Download link: It has been a long time since I sended any remixes to OCRemix.. FLStudio 8 used I know that there must be something in this to be made better but I need opinions first
  5. Hello my name is Michael but I'm known as Geeky Stoner on the Internet.I'm new to the OCremix community but I've been coming to the site for while now. Fist off Ive only been messing around with the fruity loops demo for a couple months now so i don't fully grasp the program yet.I hope the mix doesn't come off too repetitive I tried some effects and filters and a little rearranging to break up the monotony but over all it doesn't stray too far from the source material.So gimme some input please on what you think of this remix and whether its up to OCremix standards. Edit took this version down Panders critique is really spot on how this version sounded.
  6. I made this over the afternoon today Just felt like making something easy i dunno it is a little loud i guess opinions, critiques? please post Oh yeah here is the original theme