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Who has Kirby been eating? SECOND COURSE


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Wrong again :(. It's supposed to be a Spathi-rby. Oh well, I guess I did a terrible job :(.

Actually your rendition wasn't bad at all. Outworlder guessed correctly back on page 5 when he said it looked like Kirby got a hold of Captain Fwiffo. You should get a cookie just for the Star Control reference.

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For a second there I thought Kirby had eaten the punching bag from Smash Bros., and then got angry.

friendlyHunter... awesome Kirbies. I love the Bioshock and Majora's Mask one. I didn't recognize the last one though. What did you use to make them? ArtRage?

Actually I tried to make the Tingle one kind of Windwaker style (Tingle is a little less repugnant in that game, and the fact that he lives in his own spinning tower makes him almost awesome). I used Photoshop for everything, probably using a combination of both mouse and stylus.


Err, by "stylus" I mean "Wacom tablet"

This model, to be exact. I'd recommend it, it's pretty inexpensive too.

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