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Super Smash Bros Brawl

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I've only played one new person so far since I asked to play new people. Why is that? >:[

Because I am practicing for a melee tournament and don't want to get screwed on saturday after playing brawl, which is slower, and online, which is even slower. I'll get back to brawl after this weekend, though, and then I'd love to play you.

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b-sticking is the act of changing your c-stick to do special moves, basically making it a *ta-da* b-stick.


i didn't actually watch this, but i assume it shows some of the cool things he can do. there are two great things in this game: suiciding a tether character with DDD's giant divebomb spike, and doing an outrageously pointless zap jump.

EDIT - i edit a lot!

i should also probably mention lucas gets the most benefit out of this. in fact, he might get the only practical benefit of any character? WB'ed PK fires are a great GREAT spacing tool.

He says in this video that you need to have b-sticking or the PK Fire jump is impossible. This isn't true. I was doing it fine last night. :P

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Am I the only person here that just logs onto meebo?

You don't have to download a chat client for meebo because it hosts most of the popular ones online.

just put it in a free tab.

Nah i've started using that as well, and it definitely is more convenient since you don't have to worry about downloading anything. Though on the subject on Brawl...it's all about metaknight O.o well not really but i usually use him.

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My friend loves Pit. All he does is hide under a platform, followed by arrow, arrow, arrow, arrow, arrow, arrow, arrow.


i love destroying pit strategies with heal heal heal heal thx bub. then, like the dude in the video, they have to actually fight, and it turns out most pits are pussies.

again why kid icarus

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