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No love for Ness? I got to play the game for the first time yesterday in a long while. I completed the last co-op event with him. Lucas is too flashy, but I do like his really long third jump.

I have lots of love for Ness, despite how he can no longer jump cancel. His yo-yo's are almost back to their former N64 glory, he's still pretty damn strong, multiple killing moves, etc. His bat seems slightly stronger, but slightly slower and with slightly less range, which is too bad. I'd take range and speed over strength any day, considering he's got plenty of other moves that'll do the trick, but oh well. He's different, but I still really enjoy him.

Online, however, is a different story...It's scary trying to use Ness or Lucas online if you've got lag, 'cause their Up+B's are so senstive in nature...

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Yes! That was awesome. My first time really playing with someone online too. The diddy vs. diddy match was epic!

what killed me is how we both missed like 3 cds over the course of it..oh well =P

oh yea and i need to figure out how to use the message system, nothing ever came out when i wanted it to hehe

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Fuck Charter. Do not get them for an ISP if you have a choice. I pay for 5MB down and 1.5MB up and yesterday I found out I was getting 130KB down and a 30K faster up. What the hell Charter. Did you not think I would notice a half second of response lag online (from hitting the jump button to actually jumping, but it's too late because that giant fucking energy ball already hit me)? Or that it takes about 5 seconds to load google.com (most of it was in my cache) and about a minute to load speedtest.net? For the most part, you get what you pay for with Charter, but this whole week it's been fluctuating from 130K to 1MB down. And it's not the first time.

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Everyone does. Mostly because his Over-B is incredibly annoying. Not because of what it does, 'cause it's fairly easy to avoid and not all that scary. But his goddamn voice for that.

Well, that's my reason at least.

lol damn, i like PIT. I also just unlocked everyone and havent been online yet. Ill enter my friend code soon. This might be a stupid question to some but where do you find your friend code? I never used it before.

Other than Pit, i like using - Ness, Marth, Samus, Capt. and Lucario

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