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Sigh, I was stuck at work when you were accepting suggestions. I was going to get all gay about the rules a la Smashboards, but the only rule change I would really like to see is a change from single to double elimination. Otherwise, it's going to suck for the poor bastard who has to play G-T first round. That, or ban G-T. ;)

Oh yeah, I'll be entering this, and possibly my wife.

Doesn't that count as signing up?

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The Brawl lyrics got deleted with the old thread, so I'm doing you all a favor by reposting them:

ali babaaaaaa

eee eee oooo

so lissy hostess bee

fee fa fee hussy mommy

ali babaaaaaa

eee eee oooo

foody flay fair

to be eating a spoon (yeeeeees)

(sopranos) all of him are idiots

(tenors) all loathy from are idiots

bell asshat beeboos

we found a

they found a need to speak


Wii Playyyyyyyyy


Wii Playyyyyyyy

So it is Arby's

So cheese, let me be

We only need for theirs


went ahhhhhh

They found no

Would nod no despair

to play Sheik!

(yes, I'm fully aware the real lyrics are in Latin. These are much more fun!)

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I can work with anything, but just a question, why are so many stages banned?

Here's as good place as any for stage discussion, I suppose.

-Luigi's Mansion

house stops momentum and makes it very difficult to fight

-Mushroomy Kingdom

moving stages are terrible

-Rumble Falls

moving plus the spike 1 hit kills


lava is terrible in the 3 ways it can hit you plus small platforms

-Spear Pillar


-Port Town Aero Dive

cars kill at 30%

-WarioWare, Inc.

invincibility is randomly awarded

-New Pork City

huge and terrible


cant grab ledge and fish is a fag


really easy to get screwed over in

-75 M

huge and terrible

-Mario Bros

stage kills way too easily


incredibly horrible stage

-Temple (Melee)

way too big for 1v1

-Onett (Melee)

cars and no ledges

-Rainbow Cruise (Melee)

moving stage where you can get screwed

-Big Blue (Melee)

easy to get screwed over in

-Brinstar (Melee)

lava is terrible

id have also banned a few others like the bridge but thats me

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The tournament ends right after sign ups start. THE TOURNAMENT WILL LAST LONGER THAN A DAY SO STOP FREAKING OUT.

Heh, sorry for "freaking out", but if I have to play my first game within the first 1 or two weeks of the tournament, I'm screwed.


1) Vast amounts of homework may make me unable to play... plus I've yet to try out the online with friends mode.

2) I'm "screwed" in the sense that I'll totally lose, since I don't even know which characters I'm best with at this point (and the fact that I'm leaning towards YOSHI has me somewhat intrigued). Also 95% of my Brawling has been lag-free offline stuff, so I'd need some more online experience before playing... There are even some hidden characters that I haven't unlocked, so I'm screwed if I'm up against any of those guys. If the online capabilities allow it, I'll have to choose Captain Falcon and nicely ask my opponent to "show me your moves".


Big list of banned stages

Wow, I can actually agree with that list! (well, excluding the stages I haven't unlocked yet...)

Is the Game N Watch stage supposed to be on the banned list?

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Not random, but I agree that it is almost random some times.

actually it is COMPLETELY RANDOM

when you win a microgame you either get huge invincible or something else (damage recovered?) COMPLETELY RANDOMLY

and yes flat zone 2 is a total joke and should be banned as well

the current unofficial list of banned stages is

Mushroomy Kingdom

Mario Circuit

Rumble Falls

Bridge of Eldin

Pokemon Stadium 2

Spear Pillar

Port Town Aero Dive


WarioWare, Inc.

Distant Planet



Mario Bros.

Flat Zone 2



Shadow Moses Island

Green Hill Zone (Singles only)

Temple - Melee

Yoshi's Island - Melee

Onett - Melee

Big Blue - Melee

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Luigi's mansion is destroyable. It just turns into a final destination once it's broken down. There is nothing unfair about that.

For norfair, All lava is w/ warning and predictable, the wave and jets can even be shielded, there is nothing about small platforms that defines them as unfair.

Spear pillar has absolutely excessive hazards with little warning, in addition to the ceiling-tech happy tunnel, I'm in agreement.

In port town, there are guaranteed safe zones from cars at every stop, there is visual warning of approaching cars.

Total complete agreement about wario ware.

New pork city is huge, agreement.

In Summit you can't grab ledge but that shouldn't define it for a ban(there is nothing to say that a stage has to have ledges), and the fish can be reliably avoided. There is no single element in summit that clearly defines it for a ban, despite it being a really screwy course.

In skyworld, be better at screwing other people over than they are to you! No element involved that should make it a ban.

After stalling in a random brawl from 2 people for a minute as zelda on 75m, it has the same effect as being huge, agreement.

Mario Bros. is a mess of problems, too many to list them all.


Temple is huge.

Onett has wimpy knockback cars with warning, and there is nothing inherently unfair about no ledges.

Finally, both Rainbow Cruise and Brinstar were counterpickable in the melee competitive scene, absolutely no reason for them to be banned now.

I don't like to arbitrarily define what's unfair/fair. For the sake of competition, random elements like items and wario ware can be removed. The same goes for stalling on huge courses or any course w/ a circular path. Rumble Falls and Mushroomy Kingdom have issues where they change the game into a forced scrolling platformer, and a poor one at that. However that doesn't mean that everything that is random has to be removed. There is a clear difference between the lava waves in norfair to having a bob-omb drop in your face while you perform a smash move or getting only 10% health recovery instead of invincibility in the wario ware stage(even if you complete the mini-games, the reward is random and there is a dramatic difference between each reward).

Oh, and I'm fine w/ any ruleset. I'm speaking about this in terms of the overall picture for Brawl and the attitude towards stages. A variety is good here, but a lot of stages get disliked for extremely arbitrary reasons.(Hanenbow being the perfect example- 0 random elements, nothing which deals damage, it's a series of variable slope platforms, and yet you got at-muh liking it to be banned because it's "horrible")

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God, this is why competitive people irritate me.

Not to cause any sparks or anything. I just think that environmental forces and random events aren't necessarily a bad thing. They spice things up a little more. And a lot of things on your list are definitely controllable, as Eten said. "No ledges" is a completely ridiculous reason for banning a stage.

Basically the insane stages are my favorites. :3

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You casuals are eating a spicy dish while we tournament players are eating a sundae. Take your spice somewhere else because no matter how much you argue your point, we aren't going to care.

And with that, can we stop with the "tournament players suck/casuals suck" discussions...for like good?

Also, don't comment on shit that you aren't involved in.

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I haven't been on the past 3 days, but what stages are you talking about?

I can understand the DK Waterfall stage, because no one wants to play it and it sucks. I understand Warioware, because of random powerups, Pork City, because its way too huge, and Mushroomy Kingdom because it forces you to keep up with the side scrolling. Flatzone is only bad when the jail is in the middle of it, but I don't have a problem with it.

I don't mind the other ones, and banning them for being picky because of one element, like Metaknight's stage, is kinda lame.

Also I guess I should look into buying a wavebird, because apparently you can do so much more with a wavebird that it you practically have to buy it to be good. It sucks, i know.

E: But yeah, I'm i'll play.

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