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OCR01683 - Secret of Mana "Thicket"


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Well isn't this nice!

Shariq blends sounds really nicely. The intro is atmospheric and when the drums enter everything gets oh-so-much sweeter. The groove is mellow but edgy. While I don't really fancy the lead it works quite well and sounds a lot like the original. Nice breakdown with filtered drums too, keeps the mix from getting stale. The half-tempo part near the end is very nice too.

This might not be crazy creative or cutting edge but damnit, it's crazy enjoyable. Go listen!

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Really not digging the percussion at all. The gated synth is also pretty tiresome on this track.

I dont like how the drums fit into everything, and I really think that gated synth is distracting.

The rest of it is okay. Samples are a bit lackluster. The synths are for the most part nice. I dont like the choir, or the cliche dynamic drops.

Overall the production on this is passable as far as I am concerned.

Something I do like is how this is very close to the original which is a very different approach to remixing than I have heard on this site. It doesnt seem to stray from the source material at all and thats really great.

Sometimes the chords rub me the wrong way. The bass is a little heavy at times and shakes my floor too much.

Its enjoyable but not something I would play on repeat, or when I have guests.


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You already know I love this...dissonance and all. Transition at 1:00 gets me every time, and the similar refrain at 2:18 perfectly pulls the empty space back from what might have been an otherwise overdrawn dropout. The bookended Angel's Fear is great as well, especially with the cool percussive work during 3:33-4:00.

Nice work all around man.

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Pretty nice work. I like the liberties with the flute lead around 1:50-2:15, that's beautiful stuff. I like the bass and drums too.

I wouldn't mind if the mix had taken a bit more time to develop certain transitions. The intro for example - I could've taken a few more bars establishing the mood and have the melody enter a bit later than right at the start. Another point is around 03:00 - the Angel's Fear theme begins a couple of bars too soon. But that's just me - other people probably appreciate getting straight into business. :)

I'll be keeping this one, it's a good mix of some of my favourite originals.


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Two of my favorite source themes in one track is a great way to get my attention, and the treatment of both is excellent. I really like Darkesword's style, and here it seems he has a few Ziwtra-esque flourishes in a few places, making the already potent track even better.

Great soundscape and instrument choices. I love the bells and string accents, and the slightly crushed beats and synth gate gives a great feeling to the whole mix.

The arrangement progresses pretty well and picks up a bit of energy at the end, though the ending itself was a little rushed I thought. It is a proper ending rather than a blatant fade, but I think a little additional interest is in order.

Overall excellent work, one of my favorite DS mixes in awhile. Awesome work dude. :-)

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What exactly is verbatim? :|

according to wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwn:

in precisely the same words used by a writer or speaker; "a direct quotation"; "repeated their dialog verbatim"

using exactly the same words; "he repeated her remarks verbatim"

...or in this particular case note for note.

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I always look forward to hearing the quality of DarkeSword's ReMixes, and this one is no exception. Nice choice of melody. The song flows smoothly from beginning to end. I got a little bored from 2:20 - 3:00, but the rest of the song makes up for it. The introduction and conclusion of the song were quite epic, and the interesting drums throughout only add to the overall beauty. Nice work.

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Among everything, the melody that starts before 2:00 is my favorite part. The feel is totally different than the original, and I love how that was done.

Overall, the melodies themselves aren't changed, but the textures and everything else create a totally new feel for the tracks. That's the charm of this mix. I think the mix is very well done. Great job.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01683 - Secret of Mana "Thicket"

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